“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She is retiring...

Many people said that time has gone so fast. Now I can feel it by heart.
Miss Yong, a cheerful woman who has been serving Lambda group for at least 16 years, is having her last day at TDK-Lambda (formerly known as Nemic-Lambda) today... *sob* Besides Agnes, she is the only lady who I can talk freely in Fok Chao(福州) everytime we start our conversation. It's so heart-warming when you can find someone speaking the same hometown dialect. It makes one feels like at home, chit-chating with the family members that you love and you are so close with and being at the cozy and secure environment which you are so used to...

We were bidding farewell for Miss Yong at Moon Cafe during lunch time.

Overall, there was no tear, no ultimate sadness but a nice little up-beat farewell to her. Perhaps, it could be a relief for her upon her retiring?!

Lastly, a few words from me: Miss Yong, it's glad to have met you. No doubt we'll meet again, so this is goodbye for now... Keep in touch! Q(^^)o XXX

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Countdown

We had a really good time for our Christmas Eve, in this end of year.
I had my past two Christmas Eves in both Singapore and Australia and this was my first silent night in Johor, after returned from UK. Honestly, the night was not that "silent" but full of fun and fantastic. I would rather say this was an indeed memorable silent night for me, as well as to Low, don't u?! *wink*

Having our Christmas Eve dinner at Axtivo... They all looked gorgeous, don't they?
The two little green leave for decor stuck on the dessert looked like the antlers of reindeer. *cute*

Low was so scared and hardly to approach the snake initially.
Slightly holding body of the snake was the best that he could do after my great convinced.
Well done, Low! Hope to see you can hold the snake like what I did in the picture next time. *giggle*

The clown was walking along on stilts.

Impressive magic performance by David Lai...

Wow!! See what he had done!! Bravo!!

Guys, now is your turn... *giggle*

Let's see how are we PLAY around with the fire in our hand.... It's definitely easy for us.

Fire dance by the dwarf...

Even emcee also wanted to give himself an attempt. Good try!

"You got the whole world in your hand... " Game session for all little angels on the stage.

Egg Tarts for supper... (^^)

Snapshots in front of mall entrance...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is coming soon and it is always fun to have a simple Christmas gift exchange among friends in this lovely season. It’s a great way of showing the spirit of sharing and caring among each other.

This is the present - a set of 3 canisters for Sugar, Tea & Coffee, which I have bought for the name I chose.

HooHoo~ Here are the gifts that we have received from our Secret Santa...

A 4GB pendrive for little Jen~ *wink*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Pretty

HooHoo... We posed ourselves up with a beautiful hair style and eye catcher make-up for the ADD(Annual Dinner & Dance 2008) last night.

We wasted no time to capture some pictures while waiting for Kelly to have her hair styled at the beauty parlor.
Unlike past few years, I didn't set any hair style for ADD this year. Instead, I disguised myself with a wig in order to let my hair looked longer and bulky. *wink*

Have you seen the blinking cross on my vest at left? I rediscovered it in my little accessories trunk. It was a birthday gift from Sunshine and Sandy two years ago. On the cross, there is a gracious lady portrait engraved on a round white ceramic, a few chains were connected through the left and right of the cross.

Ta-da... Here are two gorgeous ladies... *giggle*
We had dressed up everything too early than the time we supposed to be. Therefore, we had a little snack at McDonald while waiting for Low to come and whirl us off to the destination.

The theme of ADD2008 was "Batik Night". However, I didn't feel to dress in Batik this year, perhaps I don't really like Batik?! *no idea*

Opening ceremony by our new MD, Y.Yamada san and one of the directors from TDK-Lambda Singapore.

Views on the dance floor...

Oh yeah, party boy and girl.... *giggle*
Many people said we looked like magicians in our garments last night, aren't we? Or perhaps, bartenders in the pub?! Hehehe...

For me, the most enjoying part of the night was ever taking pictures with my friends & other colleauges who completed themselves in beautiful ensembles. Wowwww..... Here came to the starry, starry night (^^)

Naughty chap - James Tang... Hehe~

Wow!! He (the one in orange blouse) was the ever sexist WOMAN of the night!! *eye-catching*

A simple magic show performed by our funny MD, Y.Yamada san and assisted by his best buddy, Matsuo san on the stage. You couldn’t expect so much from his magic show, in fact, it didn’t involve much mysterious tricks like a professional magician. It was merely aimed to amuse the audience of the night.

Other performances on the stage...

Ruby (the pregnant lady) had won RM300 cash voucher in lucky draw. What a lucky woman!! We all thought that her baby is bringing her mother good luck last night.
Ruby, don't forget to buy all the Test members a lunch each on next Monday, ok?!

Low was so good to help me peeling the shrimps. Thanx, young man!!

Whose geta was that?

Oh my god, I don't know anything about this Malay Folk Dance - Joget at all!! Someone must be kidding with me. I want to get off from the stage immediately!!!! *blushing*

It's the show time.... *chinked-out*

Photo with Y.Yamada san in front of the entrance…
He was a bit drunk after lots of boozing with others. He looked more adorable with his drunken red cheeks, felt like a little dwarf in the Snow White story. Ooops…

A bodybuilding show with balloons... *fun*

Girls, how is the feeling when touching on man's ballooned-BREAST? *chuckle*