“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Y.B Dato' Mukhriz Bin Tun Mahathir Paid A Visit To TDK-Lambda

喔哇!吓了我一跳。我国国际贸易及工业部副部长拿督慕克里兹(Y.B Dato' Mukhriz Bin Tun Mahathir ),敦马哈迪的儿子在上星期日(四月二十六日)莅临我们的工厂进行考察哩。上星期五(四月二十四日)收到了这消息之后还真的有一丁点儿受宠若惊。毕竟从没想过如此地位显赫地大人物竟会愿意主动会见外资厂商,并出现在我们的工厂里。呼!



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nice to meet you, Shinohara san...さようなら!

A little bit special from those in the past, we did the farewell for Shinohara san at RedBox, Tebrau this time. Well, may be we all like singing. Or may be we all wanted to have something more fun and more stimulating. Or anything will do as long as not just sitting round the table and chit-chatting with others while having the farewell dinner for Shinohara san. It’s too formal and serious. It’s boring, however. We all do like karaoke, don’t we? That’s the point. So, we finally decided to go for karaoke last night.

James was the one who proposed RedBox and he strongly insisted on his suggestion – I knew it from my other fellows. However, he was the one who left earlier, much earlier than everyone could expect, as if he didn’t really like the place. To be honest, he seemed to be there merely to settle his dinner, and some more with his laptop switched on all the time on the table when he was with us. Oh man, come on. Can’t you just dump your works away and fully enjoy the time with us? Your boss won’t pay you for overtime. Anyhow, none of us wanted to argue with him, nor for a single bit. He is kind of stubborn; therefore, we rather choose to give up on him, else it would turn out as a waste of our time.

We quickly picked up our favorite songs from the list and queue up for our turn to sing. Sometimes, we sang together. It was exciting!! Sandy and Niko show different sounds when they sing. Is this always true that the way everyone speaks is different from he/she sing?

Their voices are very sweet to hear, and even full of sensation. I like to hear they sing. Low is good in singing, as well as Shinohara san. It’s not flattering but true. How about me? Hmm… It’s a good question. But, I can't answer you anyway. Hee hee~

I remember that Shinohara san did ask me a question last night, he said,” Jenny san, do you like singing?” I told him exhilaratingly,” I like shouting.” Everyone laughed after getting my answer. Well, it’s true. I mean that. I have once mentioned about this in one of my previous posts as well. Shouting is like a way to free my soul from the breathless depress. I feel myself regain the power spiritually after several exhausted shouts. Haa~ It sounds crazy, isn’t? All in all, it's enjoying.

Left to right: Girlish Jen, glamour Niko & sweety Dee Dee...

Tell you a little secret, Shinohara san was almost burst into tears when close to the end of the session. His eyes were getting wet. We all knew that he was struggling hard to resist the sadness for leaving. After all, he has lots of joyful and nice memories come over these three years that he stays in Malaysia. But, no matter how, he has to leave here and go back to his hometown – Japan on next coming Tuesday. It always makes people exciting when think about going back to hometown but on the other side, it is sad too as you are going to leave your friends soon.

Oh well, it's easy. Shinohara san, you can always come back and pay us a visit anytime you want. Somehow, Japan is not too far from Malaysia, it only takes about five to six hours flight I guess. Not as far as UK, anyway. *wink*

So, good luck to you and have a safe journey home. Cheers!! (^^)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Cartoon Image Makeover

Oh well, I started to get bored with my old cartoon image that I drew a year ago, whereby I depicted myself dressing in a gorgeous Yukata with embroidered purple sakura while taking off my glasses and holding it in my hand. I used it as my profile photo in blogspot. But now, I’m thinking about to makeover it. It’s time to get a new one instead. I can aim for some images that can let people feel refreshed when they look at it, instead of keep seeing the old one. Isn’t it boring?

This is my old cartoon image...

Therefore, I start to draft out my new image, on my laptop screen. My right hand is dragging the mouse here and there, using the different combination of straight and curly lines to come out an image that would best describe my outlook. In the meantime, I’m thinking what sort of character I should go for my new image? What should I do onto the new appearance?

Make it looks glamour? Or elegant? Fabulous? Or a bit tomboyish? Wanna try the rugged style? I shake my head slightly. No. They look exciting to me but I don’t feel to go for any of them. Oh yes, how about just the girlish look? I think this would best suit my appearance. Plus, this is the personality that I ever crave for. OK. Let’s make it as my preference.

A primary draft of my preference style...

In fact, I used to act in a saucy tomboy manner in reality. But, I prefer to depict myself in a more girlie style in the picture. After all, I’m a female as well.

Here come the almost completed piece of my diligent work. Oops, the eyes are much more bigger than I have - my real ones are sort of single-edge eyelids. Thus, some corrections are needed.

After 30 minutes of overall, ta-da. Here you are - my new Girlish cartoon image is born!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Cherish the greenery land you stand, the fresh air you breathe in, the clean water you drink. Bearing in mind that it’s the place where your dearest ones are staying too…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guys & Girls, it's Weekend!

Hi morning everyone! It’s Saturday! It’s weekend! Yahooo… o(^^)o

I have a list of programs to catch up with today – karaoke at RedBox, movie(K-20) at cinema, pick up a book for reading in Harris (the main thing is there is a free air conditioner there, haa~) and finally carry out a little groceries shopping at Jusco.

So, how about you? How are you going to spend your lovely weekend?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A New-Born Baby Girl

I was informed by my colleague that Azam(our Assistant Engineer) has eventually got a new-born baby girl this morning in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. He has had two boys at home and now, he gains a girl in the end after he has craved one for ages. Wow, it is really great news that I ever received in this morning. It’s lovely, isn’t? I think everyone especially those from the Test group might feel the same too. We all are feeling happy for you, Azam. Congrats!

Also, congrats to Azam’s wife as well, who I guess is still lying exhaustedly on the white-covered bed in the ward after struggling for a few hours during her labor. Azam’s wife, you are great too, as you have brought another new life, a new smiling angel to the world.

Although I’m neither the parent to the baby girl nor even having any relationship with her, yet I can feel the surge of excitement too, as if I’m the one who being the mother of the new born child. For the instant, I have really thought of having a child of mine too. However, I’m not ready for that yet. Not even for future, may be. My hubby and I have planned to not have any other new member in our family, at least that’s what we are thinking now. Please don’t get confused, we are not kind of dislike children. Somehow, we are essentially not ready in sort of physical and mental so far.

I like children but my hubby is not as much as I do. I like to be with them as they bring lots of pleasant and joyful to me, which sometimes arouse me about my childhood too. They always very fun when you talk to them in their so called kid’s language. Freaking but amusing. Haa~

I can’t deny that having one or two kids of your own will really change your life. I mean, you will have to sacrifice many things for them, like when shopping; you can’t simply spend the money on whatever things you like without second thought. You can’t go for spa anytime you want. You can’t simply go out to meet your friends and have a cup of tea with them in the café in some lovely afternoons. You can’t even have chance going to the pub and rock and roll with your buddies in the night. In fact, you might have to do revision with your children together before they go on bed.

Oh, come on. Being a parent can be hard work. You have to really give up many of your essential favorites. It’s depressing. You can’t simply pamper yourself anymore like previous after you have been a mother, can’t you?

However, when come to think about your children, your beloved one, I’m sure you are willing to accept the changes, just for all of their advantages. You will forget all of your desperate once you hear your kids saying, “Mum, I love you.” And follow by a sweet baby kissing on your cheek. Oh dear, your heart will surely melt that instant you receive them, I bet. They are the angels sent down from the heaven, aren’t they? Definitely. May be hubby and I will change our mind again someday. Who knows?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009






Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Hate The Rashes!

Oh no, I feel so itchy over my waist now and my thighs as well. The skin has been badly abused by my continuous scratches and turn into reddish and feeling rough now. Oh god, I can’t bear with this terrible itchiness. Sometimes, I have even been awakened by this awful feeling in the midnight. The latest was happened at least three times last night. And then, I couldn’t stop myself from scratching and scratching again over the infected area until my skin was feeling hurt. Miserably, it seems the tablets that I took and the Calamine that I applied didn’t save me lots from the disaster.

In fact, the allergic symptom does gradually subside after I took the tablets given by the doctor since last Wednesday. I can see that. But, I mean, the recovery is just too slow, it has been about a week since last Wednesday. And I don’t feel it is effective enough to save me from the itch sometimes. May be I had really taken so much alcohol that far beyond my body can afford and now, I’m getting the rebound from my body by showing me how much it has got irritated. Well, I experience it now. It is torturing.

Anyway, I know this is the consequence of overindulge in alcohol on last Tuesday night. It is really bad, isn’t it? What I crave at this moment is how good if I could play ancient Chinese Kungfu, so that I could act like those in the movies who can use Qi to force the hazardous content to be cleared off from their bodies so easily, just within a few seconds. I’m imagining. But, I would really expect that I could get rid of these rashes soon. Blessed me… *cross-fingers*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Next Day After The Crazy Night…

I woke up at 5:45am in the morning. It was ONLY 2 hours after I fell asleep. I felt so awake and alert. The feel of dizziness resulted from being drunk was no where found.

I felt very hungry and I refused to wake up as I knew I needed more rest. Food, even though is always being my first priority, I knew to sleep was more important. Furthermore, I had a list of programs (e.g. KTV, watching movie…etc) to catch up with later. Eventually, I forced myself to sleep.

The next time when I was awake, it was already 8 o’clock in the morning. I went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. By the time, Low woke up. He was so surprised to see that I was in such an energetic form. He thought I must have been a “dying fish” lying unconsciously on the bed at the time! Haha~ I supposed I would become like what Low’s thinking about too but to be honest, I had no idea about my incredibly good condition. Just feeling fresh and awake, as if I had never drunk last night.

However, the only thing that makes me discomfort is the rashes, as the symptom of allergic to alcohol, start appearing all over my arms, chest, neck and thighs. It is like a punishment to me as the consequence of ignoring the reminder – I can never drink as I am allergic to alcohol. Gosh. I took the ZYRTEC®(cetirizine hydrochloride) tablets to resist the bloody itchiness. That’s it. I would not let it spoiling my plan today. I thought excitedly.


Oh God, I feel my body terribly itchy now as if the tablets have lost its effect on resisting the itchiness. The defending soldiers have lost the battle to the devil, haven’t them? Some more, I could feel a little fever spreading over my body. Oh no, am I got a fever now? I was joshing with Low this afternoon after the movie that I planned to get a MC tomorrow. I mean, it was just a joke and I have never taken that seriously. Now it seems to become real to me. Without much thought, I grip my bag and the car keys and go to see a doctor. I’m thinking at least I could get other new tablets to stop this bloody itchiness, so that it would not awake me from my sleep tonight.


I’m back. Yeah, I’m diagnosed with having a slight fever now. I have been given a few new tablets and a bottle of Calamine lotion containing the menthol by the doctor – to save my life from the terrible itchiness and the fever. *giggle* Anyway, I’m going to sleep now… 99 & sweet dream, to you and to me as well… *tired*


The story begins with a small gathering at the Soho Pub last night, an usual outing with my closest friends. It is public holiday for the next day; therefore, we all thought to pamper ourselves for being wild last night. In fact, I was the one who came out with such a fantastic idea. *giggle*

Well, we sat on the couch and order our drinks. We started playing different games and people were conned into drinking beer when they lost the game. After all, I had drunk a glass of beer as well. I felt myself lucky as I didn’t have to drink much like others. But then, everyone felt bored after a while and started scattering around the place - going to toilet, rocking about at the dance floor and karaoke-ing.

I was listening to the song at the moment when Niko approached me unexpectedly and started inviting me for drinking liquor. The reminder that – I can never drink as I am allergic to alcohol has lost its effect on holding me back. Bit by bit, sip by sip, I drank more and more. We were rocking about in the middle as well. I did not know how long it last.

All of a sudden, I felt like vomiting. I dashed to the ladies’ room and started throwing out. God, the liquor that I drank and the food that I took were all thrown out from my mouth… YUCK!!! The basin was stuck with all disgusted stuff now. I didn’t bother about that, however, there would be somebody going to settle that.

After a while, I walked out from the pub to catch some fresh air. I sat on a small stool and rested my forehead on a table. I was still awake at the time and on and off, I heard somebody asking me if I was ok and if I needed to go home or not. Just after a few minutes perhaps, I felt like vomiting again. Gosh, I stood up and moved towards the front door of the pub. Marcy was following me behind. All at once, everything around me turned dark and I lost my balance and fell onto the ground. I was faint, completely. But it didn’t last for long. My buddies were all startled and they quickly carried me back to the seat and leaned my back on the chair.

I did not know how many times they had kept calling my name. I gained my conscious after a few seconds, I think. And, I started to remember that I had something to throw out from my mouth. I started vomiting uncontrollably. Gee, I asked myself how much more I needed to clear out from my stomach before this throwing out could have stopped. Another area was being abused by my disgusted stuff now, besides the two basins in the ladies’ room. I’m sorry; I just couldn’t do anything to hold it until I got to the ladies’ room at that moment. My body was out of my control at all, as if it was not belong to me after drunk. I was incredibly pissed.

Then, I was passed a wet towel and a mug of warm water. I rinsed my mouth and rubbed the towel over my hands, my neck and my face. Low quickly went to pick up his car and drive me home.

Low helped me going upstairs and he rested me on the floor while we were in my room. He asked if I needed to lie down. I replied that I needed a bath as I felt myself stink. We sat for quite sometimes as I felt very dizzy and could not find the strength to stand up myself.

Well enough, I went into the bathroom and started my bath. The shower last me longer ever as I had to move very slowly action by action. I dared not try a big move as I was afraid of being fainted inside. At the end, I threw myself onto the bed and fell asleep unconsciously. It was like a sleeping beauty after eating the poisoned apple given by the witch! zzzzzzZZZZZ

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools' Day 。愚人节快乐

It’s April Fool’s Day today!! Yahoo… Be aware, as you, and me as well, gonna get fool by somebody whom could be amongst our closest friends or family members, especially today. You can think about to get them back if you want. *giggle* Anyway, let’s do enjoy the hoaxes or pranks received from others today and remind ourselves not to get irritated so easily then… Cheers!! Have fun. (^^)