“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My birthday on 29 September 2009

I wake up this early morning, feeling refreshed and contented. It's my birthday today. That's my big day. I was born today 27 years ago. Yohoo... to myself and to my beloved parents as well. Thanks for bringing me to the world and let me be one of the Nguang family. It's my pleasure, hand on my heart.

I've received a few birthday greeting SMS from my buddies Marcy and BK in the morning. They even reach me before 7am. Wow, how nice. However, I’m still eagerly waiting for someone to greet me. The blessing words from my hubby. It's just so important to me. No special reason. It's like you always wish to get something from someone you love even a few very simple words when every significant moment, and so am I. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten about my great day. He was too tired last night and I should give him some times. So I wait.

8.30am onward...
Subsequently, there are a few messages coming in, from my dearest sis, friends, and the shopping stores where i've registered my detail before. No response from my hubby yet.

I check my handset on and off, and I still got nothing of what I longing for.

I'm feeling a bit resolved because...I've got the birthday greeting from my hubby in the end. He apologizes to me about the belated greeting and he promise to bring me to RedBox (karaoke) tonight. Yoo-hoo! I'm glad to hear that.

One thing that has disappointed me most is, the new receptionist didn't dedicate the birthday speech and play the song(each employee would get once every year as long as anyone's birthday is falling on weekday) for me. She gives the reason she was too busy and accidentally forgotten about this. How on earth could she forget about such an important thing. Does she know that this is sometimes what people would care about, especially on their big day? She doesn't do her job well. She bloody cow. This has truly upset me. I'm feeling completely and utterly sad. That's a real let down.

At 11am, the lousy receptionist is finally sending me the dedication. I don't know why she did so since she had missed the session earlier. May be someone thought this is not fair to me and made some complaint to HR. To be honest, it does comfort me a teeny bit. However, I didn't feel any high excitement as earlier sparkling inside my body anymore. It's too late. It's all over.

But then, I receive the two warmest greeting emails from KC and Poron. With a few sweetest ever words and a picture of lovely cute bear holding a love shaped red pillow with the "Happy Birthday" reading in front. All these start to cheer me up again. I think they must be hearing the dedication from that bloody receptionist just now. Anyway, my happiness is gradually glowing back again.

I continuously get many birthday wishes from my colleagues. Thanks HH Tan, Pauline, HH Tai, Siva, KP Phang and many others too.

Do you know what have the entire Test members bought for me just now? It’s a cake. A sweet creamy birthday cake with loads of my favorite strawberries on top and inside and come along with their lovely birthday song. Wow. I'm really enjoyed it. 4.30pm...
I've actually bought a used LG KU380 from James Poon last week and he just get the handset and all it's accessories to me today. However, he only knows that today is my birthday a minute ago. BK makes a joke on him that he should give that LG handset for free, as a birthday gift to me. He was worried. Well, after all it's just a joke. I will still pay him the agreed amount by the end.

Oh, finally it's time to knock off! It's time to go home to get myself ready. Because, as what I mentioned earlier, my hubby will be coming in to JB tonight and bringing me to RedBox in order to celebrate my birthday. It's the time I’ve been waiting long for the whole day today. It's gonna be a fantastic night to me. Bless me! Cheers.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My dreamed Mickey Prime

Oh my God. Oh Jesus. Oh no. Look! They have got me my dreamed Mickey Prime, as my coming birthday gift. Goodness. This is the awesome piece which I saw in an outlet in Singapore Plaza. However, I didn’t buy it at that moment as it actually costs a bomb. But you know what; I desperately desire to have it with me. I so wished that I could never have thought of my budget at all. I really wanted it the first time I saw it. It's limited edition from Disney Japan.
Whatsoever, it’s now on my hand. It’s with me. It’s all mine now. Really. I can’t keep myself from giggling and almost jumping up and down once I received it from Low. I’m immensely excited tonight. Yeah. My dearest buddies (Low, Marcy & Hui Yan) had been coming out a great plan behind me; they contacted my hubby (he is staying in Singapore) secretly, asking him for the idea and helping them to get the piece. Oh, wickies! But I like it. Ha-ha.
Thanks Low, Marcy and Hui Yan once again. A zillion times of gratitude for what you all have done for me. As well as to my beloved hubby. Hand on my heart, you all are truly so thoughtful and lovely! *wink*

Mickey Prime driven by a small Mickey figurine on top.
Mickey Prime, protecting you from Megatron and every Disney villains alike. ^^"
The overall transformation is incredibly simple. The Mickey figure on the top is hidden while in the trailer mode, there is another Mickey coming out and driving the truck. Boo-boo...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Southern trip on Sunday - Kukup & Tanjung Piai

Phew. We reach the coziest ever place by the end. It took us almost two hours to get home from our last destination of the day, which was Tanjung Piai. Well, it would actually spend you less than one hour to get home, only if you familier with the route and if there is no traffic jam along the way.

Kukup was the first place that we went to after lunch. It's a small fishing village located at the southwest of Johor and it's in the district of Pontian. This small fishing village is famous for its many wooden houses and chalets and restaurants built on stilts over the water. You rarely see this scenery in the city. Many tourists from Singapore and even the local people particularly come here for the seafood and for their weekends as well as their long holiday.

A mudskipper was out of muddy water and resting on a broken stilt.
A greedy mouse underneath.
Looking for something to eat?
Interesting caught up.
Some spectacular views round the Kukup.

Next, we proceeded to Tanjung Piai, the most southern tip of mainland Asia.

Long way to go before we could reach the end of the bridge.

Whew, finally there we were.

Various tiny fiddler crabs found in this huge boggy mangrove.
Heading to the Southen-most tip of Mainland Asia.
Oh Jesus. What a crazy hot weather!!

Watch out!
Oh, thanks God. We reached there by the end.

We both were completely exhausted by the time we reached the front door, and our feet are really ached and tired. We felt we could hardly move a step now. Tell you what; we have been WALKING at least 3km under the bloody sultry and burning weather today. I know sometimes 3km is nothing for some other people. May be they would think that this is just a piece of cake to them. Well, you know... We still prefer to travel a rather huge area by car instead. At least we could avoid the burning and harmful afternoon sunshine and stay cozy and peaceful in the car while enjoying all those beautiful sceneries. We are shielded in there.

We kept sweating all the time this afternoon, as though we were in the sauna room. I hated that nasty and sticky feel. It's just...yuck.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cosmetic Obsession?

Oh-my-god. I can’t keep from buying myself some new cosmetics lately. Look at this new rosy pink lipstick which I bought from Body Shop on last Saturday and this new double-wear black eyeliner that I just gripped off from the Estee Lauder cosmetic booth this afternoon. Oh, wow. They have spent me quite an amount of money. But, look at the lipstick. The colour is so sweet and vibrant. It contains sufficiently high moisturizing substance which would keep my lips vividly pink and moisturized. This is what I exactly desired for. I saw Marcy has one but different colour from mine. And I can see that, the after-applied-effect is just perfect.

The Fasio lipstick which I bought last year wasn’t able to keep my lips moisturized after longer time of exposure. I mean, it appears that my lips looked very blissful and shimmer in there; however, the effect didn’t last for long. It degraded much after let’s say half an hour, and finally, turned my lips into a cracked, dried and flaky condition. I had to remove the initially applied one with the remover and reapply it again. This is truly awful.

I kept browsing through the cosmetic stores and booths quite a few times. Comparing the prices, surveying the products and seeking for the advices from someone experienced. Lipstick from Body Shop is the one I finally decide to try on. Well, as the matter of fact, Marcy is the one who affects me most. I bet she won’t even notice this. Hee-hee.

Besides, I bought a new black eyeliner pencil as well, which I expect it would be much easier to apply than the cream type which I’m using now. The cream type eyeliner from Shiseido simply smears the bottom of my eye when I close one of my eyes in order to focus through the viewfinder when photography. Again, this is awful. It smudges my whole eye as though I’ve a panda eye. Anyway, I hope this new double-wear eyeliner would remain the lines appropriately and firmly on my eyelids then, no matter how.