“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little world of nature

It has been a few busiest ever months and I could hardly find some time to stick to my computer and update my blog. Oh, Jesus. This is bad. Tell you what, this would become even worse after this month - I would be almost fully tied up by my new schedule starting from next coming month onward. Oh, why? Hmm-hmm-hmm. I will tell you in my next post.

I took these few pictures when the trip to Tanjung Piai in September. No special reason to capture them in sight. Well, there are indeed for fun.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't-Miss-It Event of The Season - Bon Odori 2009


要吃纯日本传统手工的Mochi(看那位黑皮肤大叔pounding mochi in an usu)吗?还是想试一试用纸和铁线"钓"水球?
这是由一群国际日本高中生,在导师的带领下所呈现的Soran Dance。我上网查询了一些关于这Soran Dance的资料,原来它是源自日本早期Hokkaidō渔民们的传统民族歌谣。Soran歌词的字里行间,无不透露着渔民们在捕鱼时高昂亢奋地汹涌情绪,仿佛激励大家不畏前方的艰巨,誓要凭着无比的勇气勇往直前。
接下来的就是众所期待地(贴切一点,是我最期待的)Bon Odori Dance了,这也是我每年最喜欢的项目。不过除了日本人之外,今年来参与这个group dance的华人已越来越少了。反之,却有很多的友族同胞穿着Yukata来跳这大和民族舞,有些甚至还戴着Tudung(整体看来有点怪怪的)。Not to be offending啦。不过,我还是觉得他们并不太适合穿Yukata啰。
其实我比较enjoy五彩缤纷地气球冲向云霄的那一刻。越飞越高,在蔚蓝地天际下好像一颗颗的smarties candy。哈,不好意思,我又嘴馋了。
Left:每一年我都会遇到这位总是含羞答答地日本小姑娘。这一次我又忍不住走上前和她来个近距离的合照。She is a loving girl, isn't she?
Right: 无意中让我们遇到了另一个超可爱地小娃娃,还有她那很像张宇的daddy。这个小娃娃长得还挺精的,小小的脸蛋儿上有双圆溜溜、会说话地眼睛。逗趣得不得了!

第二场Bon Odori Dance。(At 7.30pm)
Hubby无意中拍到的滑稽镜头。 我们在那里待到8pm后,就跑去Crystal Crown Hotel里头的Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant吃晚餐了。

享受我的Chawan Mushi... Hmm, yummy-yummy!
左边的是hubby点的Ishiyaki Goya Chanpura (stone grilled bitter gourd with egg),而右边的则是我最爱的Ishiyaki Zaru Ramen。噢,我肚子好饿。好了,不说了。我要去大块垛颐一番了!Bye-bye!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Hello Kitty Crocs

These are my newest and latest pair on the rack which I just bought them from one of the Crocs outlets in Vivo City, Singapore. *wink* Aren't they pretty and adorable?

To be honest, I didn't like any shoes or sandals or any footwear from Crocs, not even thought to try them on in the first place. There were the ugliest footwear on the planet (I'm sorry to say that).

Well, there always an exception. I start to change my mind only when I happened to see the beautiful picture of the Hello Kitty Crocs and a small introduction of their crossover design for their 35th anniversary celebration published on one of the magazines. It's so cute and charming. I always love the cutie stuff and therefore, I was completely attracted by this lovely design. I wanted to get at least a pair for myself. So, there they are. Standing fabulously on the shoes rack with others now.

I don't mind if you call me the shoesaholic. That's kind of what I feel I am. Hee-hee.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bowling Time

I like the feeling of smashing and speeding. Of course I don't do speeding on the road. It's completely dangerous. Instead, I go for sports. I get these two fantastic feelings over the sports that I really like. Squash and basketball are my favorite sports and adding to these, bowling has just turned into one of them too.

My hubby is the main one who bring me to this bowling sport. Ok. Honestly, I had ever played bowling about million ages ago. But I did quite badly with that because I didn't get a proper guidance from somebody who has experience. My bowling ball just kept whirling swiftly into the trenches no matter how I threw it. I was quite fed up with my skill and I thought I didn't get any bowling sense, and therefore I didn't continue again ever after that awful experience.

In order to arouse my interest in bowling again, my hubby kept persuading and encouraging me to come over with him together in the weekend. Well. I like sports, so why didn't I give myself another chance again. If I could get my hubby to teach me and learn the technique adequately, may be I could do better beyond what I ever expected.

We had these before we proceeded to the bowling game this afternoon.

This is me, a novice bowler. I’m holding a grade 8 bowling ball.

My hubby’s show time. I like the way he shot the ball – always keep straight towards the targeted pin (my ones are always either roll off-course or producing a lousy BANANA-trend of rolling at the end). He could do a few effective strikes in each round. This is what I’m aiming now.

Tell you what, this had been my third time there and also the moment I got this highest mark ever in my previous record. Well, I know 86 is not something to smug of, it’s not even getting to 150 the pass mark yet, but I just can't keep myself from great exhilaration as though I had won a big lottery. I hardly get this mark. It could be the highest marks I could ever get in million years. Woo-ha-ha.

Basically I just changed a litte bit of the way I used to throw the bowling ball. My hubby commented that the way I threw the bowling ball was like something out-of-control. Haha. I just didn't care.

I kept my right arm slightly bent at the elbow, made a very quick but smooth move, almost running, meantime spared all my energy at my arm. Retracted my arm behind my body, like cradling and then arced the bowling ball from back to front and released it at full power. It rolled extremely fast at an almost straight direction on the flat wooden surface towards my targeted pin at 3rd position and finally knocked down as many pins as it could by the end. Do you know, when you release the big bowling ball with your full energy and by the time it hits on the 10 pins and they all scatter fiercely up and down, left and right, the feeling is kind of WOO. It's an absolutely great feeling.

Tired? Let's had our afternoon tea at StarBucks.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Exciting Weekend

There are a few people having their birthday in this month. Therefore, their closest friends - HH Tai, Gwen and Marion were suggesting inviting a few friends to come out and have some fun together. I was invited as well.

This is me, sweetie Jen. * wink*
Get myself ready in some soft make-up and a casual nice outfit – short-sleeved white shirt from MNG and Levi’s straight cut jeans and coming with a charming gold colour mini handbag from Padini. I tied my hair to a side with a crystal stars ornaments hair band and put on with a brown plaid hat from TopShop. Wow. Overall, I was like going to a party. Hee-hee.

We had been to the RedBox (karaoke) for three hours this afternoon. It’s entirely my favorite session. Then, we carried on with movie “Surrogates” at TGV cinema. And finally, chose the Secret Recipe for our dinners, or even perhaps some snacks before our real dinner.

Here are the three October babies – Marion, KS Leong and LinLin (from left to right).

I took only two slices of yummy walnut cheese cakes as my snack and a glass of healthy green apple celery juice.

Some group pictures of overall.
Say cheers...
(back, from left to right: LinLin, Gwen, KS Leong, sweetie Jen, and Marion.)
(front, from left to right: Terence, BK Wong, Low, and Poron.)

(back, from left to right: Gwen)
(front, from left to right: HH Tai, BK Wong, Low, and Poron.)