“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Hearts That Beat As One

To be honest, I’m feeling like everyone has suddenly grown up just in a day. Put the clock back, we were teenagers who had to wake up early morning for school when ten years ago. We didn’t bother anything except our study and the results. And even more, we had never imagined that we would get married and be the parents one day. Oh my god. Everything seems to have changed in a click as though a fairy godmother waved her magic wand on to everyone.

Sometimes, I wish there would really be a Neverland in real. Yes, I wish I won’t grow up. I want to be a kid and be loved and stay forever with my family. However, I’m living in reality; I have to accept all these – to grow up, to be an adult, to work, to get married, to produce offspring and to be responsible for the next generation and finally to get old. Sometimes, it’s truly sounded depressing to me. Whew.

Ok, stop nagging. Today is the most special day for both of my buddies - Sie Pui and Si King. They are both tying the knot and zillion times of willing to be bonded together for the rest of their life. Hee-hee. Congrats, to Mr. and Mrs. Wong!!!!

A little praying session after the bride and groom exchanged their wedding rings.

The gorgeous bride in her beautiful glamourous white gown and her nieces and nephews.

The bride was bidding farewell to her parents. She was nearly burst into tears the moment she hugged her mother. Jesus.

Reaching the groom's place.

Having some Chinese traditional wedding ceremony and taking group pictures afterwards.

This is the ever greatest moment for them – to get the two loving souls with and raise the commitment for living together, from this day forward. Oh, they are finally getting married!
Sie Pui and Si King, wishing you both a love that grows day after day and year after year. Congratulations on your WEDDING as well as thanks for your sincere invitation! I won't be around when both of you coming back from your honeymoon. So, let's meet again probably in next coming Chinese New Year then.

Besides the wedding reception, it’s also a good chance to catch up with my old friends and ex-schoolmates. It’s really lovely to meet them back. Miz you all!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bintulu, I’m back!

It was about half past six in the early morning, everyone was still lying cozily in their bed when I reached the airport after spending a night with my hubby’s family in Sibu. They had been very generous to me – fetched me from the airport, cooked a table of delicious assortment of food as well as prepared a comfortable bed for me and his mother even been an early bird to accompany me to the airport in such an early morning. Oh, thanks ever so much to their great hospitality!!!

I actually planned to get home (Bintulu) yesterday, but as always, AirAsia delaying again the flight from JB to Sibu and this had caused me to stay overnight in Sibu. Anyway, I got a flight home this morning and the time was still pretty early. Not many people in the boarding room yet.

The place was very quiet and chilly. I looked outside the windows to see the morning blossomed in the sunshine.

This was the flight (MASwings) that brought me home. I missed my family and couldn't wait to see them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

On Board

Boarding moment.

In flight.

I’m starving, desperately. Therefore, I finally pamper myself with a "box" of delicious Oriental Chicken Noodles on the plane. It costs RM9. Well, it is as though the price dining in a proper restaurant. (To be honest, I actually have no choice.)

I'm Going On Holiday

Yes-yes-yes. I will be going on holiday very soon, right after a few hours later. Mind you, I’m not going to anywhere but my hometown - I'm going back to Bintulu, a lovely peaceful town where I spent my childhood as well as all my dearest family is living now. I'm so excited when time flashes through bit by bit which means I’m getting closer and closer to the boarding time.

I hadn't had enough time to get my stuff packed for the past few days except this morning. However, I’ve already jotted down everything I need to get into my luggage later on my PDA. This is the advantage of PDA - you can easily scribble and memories every teeny little thing in this small advanced machine (can I call it as a machine?) anytime you want, even if you are in the toilet (ooh...yuck!) or on a cab to somewhere. Oh, how great!

Here is some private stuff that needs to go in my luggage:
1. Greeting cards for my family.
2. 2 new formal shirts for dad.
3. Car owner transferring document.
4. The baby gal doll (for photography posting).
5. Passport, bankbooks, password slips.
6. A lovely wedding envelope.
7. A Levi's skinny jeans.
8. White plaid short pants.
9. Black vest from SUB.
10. A blinking cross badge.
11. Black silky blouse, scarf, a pair of long black soaks & a pair of purple dinner shoes.
12. A white XL t-shirt.
13. PDA & HP charges.
14. A towel (blue one).
15. Tweety bird housewear.
16. D90, charges, USB cable for data transferring later.
17. 3 novels.
18. Blinking belt from SUB.
19. Purple shirt from Dorothy Perkin.
20. Levi's skirt.
21. Hello Kitty shirt.
22. AirAsia (JB - Sibu) & MAS Airline (Sibu - BTU) E-tickets.
23. My make-up set.
24. Facial cleanser & treatment set.
25. Bath set. (Conditioner)
26. Basketball?
27. A pink striped shirt. (Borrowed from hubby’s)
28. A white shirt from MNG.
29. A bunch of keys.
30. Golden little handbag from Padini.
and so on.

Gosh. It seems to be so many.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Windy Sunday Morning

It is bright, windy and peaceful outside. No rain. No burning weather at all. It’s overall quite a beautiful day for picnic or going to swimming pool or simply have a family day outing. I will not go anywhere this morning but merely stay at home - lying cozily in my bed and reading a book quietly which I bought ages ago. I truely enjoy this moment of time which get me physically and spiritually relaxed... But how long will it gonna last for?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chronic Aching Pain in My Wrist

It's raining hard outside. All the scenery is behind the continuous heavy curtain of raindrops. The wind is pretty cold.

I sit in front of my desk. Surfing aimless round. Don't get me wrong, I’m not skiving - it is instead an afternoon tea break now. So, I am legally allowed to do some browsing on the net now while everyone is hurrying to canteen and toilet and looking for their buddies for some gossip chattering when this moment.

For God's sake, my wrist is getting painful again since last night. It causes numbness and tingling in my wrist as well as pain, as though there are many many needles stinging in my wrist. Goodness. This is bloody annoying.

I am a bit worried about my unusual condition and therefore I make a call to dad - my super guardian ever since I was born. Believe me. If you think you are lost somewhere and your mind is completely running out of idea, it's always a good thing to seek for some ideas from someone elder in the family, they know more than what we do.

We both have a little father-and-daughter chat over the phone. We mention about my injury two weeks ago, and I didn't care so much about the arthritis except the graze after the abrupt tumbling in the game, and I even went to carry the heavy tyres for changing on last Friday, and this could have caused the painful inflammation returns and is acting up again. Damn. I shouldn't do that. I'm suffering badly from the pain now.

The only thing that makes me feel lucky is, my wrist is not swollen - so the arthritis hasn't got into very serious yet. I have to avoid myself from carrying heavy stuff with my right hand, keep my poor wrist away from any stress now. It desperately needs a good care before getting worse.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Warmest Care

We met this chubby Persian cat in front of the steps when we wanted to leave home yesterday afternoon. It’s left alone outside by its master, for sunbath perhaps. *wink*

He loves cat. He said he would like to get one when we have bought a new house ourselves in future. Well, I’m okay with his idea even though I prefer the doggie (I like Schnauzer) most. May be we can have both together. Cat and dog. Who knows?

Sweetie Jen in her lovely Hello Kitty Crocs, and the fluffy cat.

See what had I bought for myself yesterday? A 500ml thermal vacuum mug from the La Gourmet The Classic range. It costs me RM50.90 after 15% less.

I love its simple but remarkable design. I always hope to have one before. However, the desire was getting stronger when the tuition center has moved my time a bit forward, so I’m going to start my class earlier in these two months and I haven’t had enough time to cook my dinner at home. Therefore, I bought this mug for some oat drink purpose in office before I go to the class.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snapshots of My Ugly Knee

It has been a week since my last injury. Most of the wounds are healing fast except the big bruise on my left knee. I'm not feeling any painful but it just looks so ugly and scaring. (I wonder is that really my knee? Goodness. I hope you won't get vomit after seeing the pictures below.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sent My Baby Car to Workshop

I gonna sort out my flat tyre today. One of my car tyres was punctured yesterday, plus all the four tyre tread patterns were worn thin. Obviously, it’s time to change. Therefore, I sent my baby car (Kelisa) to the workshop (IOI TYRES & SERVICES at Bandar Putra) near to my house after the violin replacement class today.

Removing the old tyre off the wheel.

Reshape the bent iron fringe.

Installing the new tyre to the wheel.

My poor baby car and its hubcaps placed next to it.

Balancing the wheels.

Wandering around in the workshop.

Goodbye to my old weary tyres.

Installing all the tyres and nuts and the hubcaps back to the car.

Adjusting my car alignment.
Did you see the -0º37' next to the Front Camber at left? The workshop guy told me that my front camber at left was terribly out of its relative position. However, the original camber nut is unadjustable and he suggested me to replace it with an adjustable type which costs me another RM35. What can I do?
"Ok, please change it for me," I replied him feebly.

The overall expenses:
- 4 new GoodYear tyres (165/RKI D/GA, is this the identification code of the tyres? I don't know), RM145 each, thus it totally costs RM580 after discount (originally RM150 each).
- Replace all 4 TL valves (a small tube with cap, for pumping in the air to the tyre).
- 4 wheels balancing, FOC.
- Car alignment, RM15.
- Replace the original camber nut at the front left wheel to an adjustable type, RM35.
So finally the grand total of the overall car expenses is, ta-da... RM650. (I nearly got a heart attack after knowing this big value. Luckily I had brought enough cash with me)

The workshop guy told me that my rear absorbers (there are two) are almost damaged and have to replace with the new ones. RM165 for the rear new absorbers, it has included the service charge. Well, leave it to next time.

Also, some of my steel rims have terribly bent and incapable to be reshaped again. A new rim for Kelisa car would cost around RM45. Again, leave it to next time too.