“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Sunday, February 28, 2010

There Were Fireworks Here

Oh FINALLY I saw the fireworks in JB tonight! How great!!

I mean, I had been coming back to JB for nearly a week but unfortunately, I did not see anyone set off the fireworks or even the firecrackers until tonight. The festive mood over here seems to be pretty quiet and boring and not as cheerful and strong as those in my hometown. Gosh. How come? Because of the recession?

Well, whatever. It’s Chap Goh Meh – the last moment of the Chinese New Year before twelve o’clock tonight. I talked to my brothers and sister over the phone about fifteen minutes ago before they let off the fireworks. I was complaining to them that nobody was playing the fireworks or firecrackers here. At least I didn’t see any. Well, may be God listen to what I said. Right after a while of our chat, there were lots of fireworks coming through and blooming fabulously in the dark sky. Oh wow!
Our Chap Goh Meh dinner…
This was sent over through MMS by my little bro...

Technical or Business Aspect

Before I able to sort out this matter that kept me confused in the past, I used to look into every production issue from the technical point of view. I’m a technical person, thus, very essentially I will take everything into technical count. It’s a natural way of acting and thinking, especially when you are in your profession. So am I.

After I started to involve in more production discussion, I felt kinda lost my way. I used to be confident in my work before but then it’s kind of fluctuated. Or may be I should say, before that I didn’t have many chances to involve much in other issue except my programming. I merely had to concentrate on building up the new software or amending certain code to fulfill the user’s request. That’s all. But now, it’s all different.

I found I couldn’t get along with other people’s idea sometimes in the discussion. Once people proposed to remove or shorten the testing procedures, I would immediately deny it. Somehow, I had been getting very aggressive too as if I was protecting something valuable from stolen.

Then, this was something dashed through my mind - Wasn’t with more testing procedures enhancing the confidence in the reliability of the modules? Didn’t it have the ability to filter out the defect part? Since these could ensure a good quality product, I couldn’t understand why people wanted to reduce or even thought to remove it. It didn’t make sense. I was confused.

Some of the people started to argue on the extra job which should have to charge to which party, who should take the responsibility and so on. Oh goodness. Before I really got the confusion resolved later, I thought– Who cared? So long as the quality of the product was met, this was the most important thing that we should take into account, wasn’t it? Again, I am a typical technical person, so definitely I gave the priority to the technical concern.

However, until very recently, I’m being slowly inspired about why people would always think in that way which was completely apart from mine. They are mainly considering the matter in term of business profit margin. They count how much profit they could earn from all these. For them, money is the matter of all. They always try to find out the best way to reach a higher profit margin and therefore they are very strict on certain thing especially when it’s out of what they had agreed before.

RIGHT. I almost forgot they are the businessmen as well. This is the point. If something that couldn’t make money, what for they want to continue? Ok. I got it. By the end. So, I have to learn how the criteria to juggle between both the technical and business aspects. I honestly tell you that it would not be an easy job. Well. Again and again, I’m a technical person, so my stand point is still falling on… the technical side. Of course, there is a little difference from previous case because I would also take the business benefit into consideration this time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blossom Charming

I passed by this area almost daily and found these local-Sakura-like trees are in full bloom now. It’s probably the blossom season of its kind again. So, of course. I certainly wouldn’t let go this kinda good chance for photography. Hope you enjoy all the bloomscape...

Some wild flowers by the roadside.

The weather was bloody hot. I had been standing under the burning sun for nearly an hour. I was actually waiting for something. Ok. Tell you what, I was waiting for the moment when lots of flowers sprinkling down by the wind which I wanted to capture this imaginatively beautiful moment.

But-but-but... what I got in real was one or two or three the most swivelling over at once and the speed was indeed very fast that I couldn't have enought time to press down the release button. Finally, I gave up. There was a moment I hoped there could be somebody helping me spreading the flowers from top, so that I could snap the scenery I wanted.

Here was my lunch this afternoon- typical Hainanese Chicken Rice with a glass of healthy carrot juice.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Please don’t get me wrong. I’m playing a joke on my little bro and it’s in fact not true. It’s a complete hoax. I’m making a joke over these series of photos which accidentally inspired me of creating a story of a clothes-stealer. Believe me. It’s merely for fun.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandpa(s) And I




有时候我常常一个人在想如果我的公公还健在的话就好了。在那么多的孙子里头我公公(还有我的婆婆)就最疼我。小时候的我老爱哭闹、耍脾气,总会很有本事的把爸爸妈妈气得火冒三丈直跺脚。不过我很好奇男人主义大过天的公公竟然会对我非常好脾气(听爸爸说的),总是很有耐心的说服我乖乖听话。 在我的记忆里头,妈妈有时候被我惹毛了就把我关在冲凉房吓一吓我,但我不怕。结果妈妈就把我关在屋子外面,我记得她还偷偷的躲在门后偷看,以为我会害怕得大哭求饶。结果,我还很镇定地坐在门外等妈妈开门让我进去。当时妈妈对我这天不怕地不怕的个性完全没办法。倒是公公一来我就立刻变得特别听话。为什么?因为听话就有冰淇淋吃啊!为什么妈妈不会这么想呢?!哈。我小时候特别嘴馋,所以公公也特别迁就我。他每次一来,我就high翻天,因为有公公在,爸爸妈妈就不敢打我了。有公公在,我就会特别乖。



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Puppies Play

We went to visit a relative of my mum and we saw these two little lovely doggies at the backyard. Things always look cute and charming especially when they are young, so were these two teeny little local breed puppies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Cousins’ Kids

These few little girls and boy turned out so excited and joyous when I told them that I would like to take their photos. Well. As always, it’s mainly for the purpose of DSLR self-training. Ha.

These little blissful angels were so cooperative and kept showing me as many different poses as they could, as though they were the real little models on the platform. Bravo!

"Can you print the photos out and bring them to us in your next visit?" said one of the little girls before I left.

"Of course, love," I replied. I'm gonna bring you next year. Next Chinese New Year. This is the only chance I could meet them.

Catch Up With David

I always think that a festival like Chinese New Year is a really good opportunity to link you and your old plus long-time-apart friend together, besides what it does to you and dearly family too. Of course, you can simply catch up with your friend nowadays over the MSN or chat over the 3G phone, Skype and every advanced communication channel. However, what could be more heart-warming than visiting a friend, face to face in real, instead of just catch up through a voice or an electronic device screen?

So was I. I met up with David this afternoon after I came back from a few visits to my relatives. David was my ex-secondary schoolmate since Form 4. He was an Engineer before he changed his career to be a teacher. I, as well as the others, was getting really astonished after me first being told that David is teaching Mandarin in the primary school. Oh goodness. He was really poor in that subject which meanwhile almost killing him in his school life. Frankly, this is a bit unbelievable to anyone of us. Ha. Anyway, let’s cross our fingers and wish him GOOD LUCK. David, give your best, I know you can make it! Blessed you~

Wake Up, Boy!

My sis, little bro and I are all sharing this bed every night while we are staying with our grandparents for these few days. Ha. We have to squeeze a little bit and can’t just move arbitrary as the space is really limited, else we would fall down anytime. Gosh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jelly Candies

Jelly candy has been my favorite candy since my childhood. I’m not a big sweet tooth but somehow I love those things chewy. That’s why I always can’t resist myself from this gummy temptation.

This was a jelly-like fish which in fact made from the brown sugar and according to our cousin, it was eatable. Gosh. How creative! We found it at my 2nd elder uncle's place (from my father’s side) when we paid a visit to him tonight.

Chinese Templescape at Yu Lung San Tien En Si (玉龙山天恩寺)

We stopped by this beautiful and imposing and is said to be the biggest (not sure) Chinese Temple of its kind in Asia in the midway to Sibu this afternoon. My family had been visiting to this place for several times while this was my first time to be here.

The buildings, the structures and everything I saw here were really mesmerizing. The walls, beams, and pillars and everywhere were mostly adorned with lots of really magnificent fined dragon, lotus, Buddha, immortals and fairies engraving. Goodness. They were so gorgeous and impressing.

Somewhere around the lotus pond.

Some snapshots with the fairy statues in front of the entrance before we left.

Here is a snippet of the local news for your reference in case you want to know more about this Yu Lung San Tien En Si (玉龙山天恩寺):









Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone








Saturday, February 13, 2010

My First Angpao of 2010

Did you get any angpao after the Lunar Year Eve dinner? Goodness. I’ve just got mine from my dearest parents. Ha-ha. I do not mind the amount I received because it’s a heart-warming blessing from my parents over the new coming Lunar year and it symbolizes a good luck too. Thanks, my papa & mama! I'm looking forward to the CNY countdown now. Oops... It still a looong time to go.

The Firecrackers

To my surprise, both of my brothers turn out so ON this year. They both have bought some firecrackers from their friends a couple of weeks ago and one thinks to set off on Chinese New Year eve tonight and another one thinks to let off on the first day of Chinese New Year. Oh, that would be really fun. Ha~ Of course, I know all the firecrackers are in fact bounded to law and officially banned too. But, how could a joyous occasion like Chinese New Year turn out without the firecrackers? It would be disappointing. Wouldn’t you? So long as we be more careful and follow the proper steps, I’m sure we all can avoid a misery.


今天早上无所事事的拿着我的D90,拉了小弟在院子里闲晃,东拍西拍的摸索着。忽然老弟也心血来潮地跑来凑热闹,并向我借了我手中的D90玩了三两下。我说今天好像没什么idea要拍,也找不到topic。接着他就提议不然他帮我"制造topic"吧。那是最好不过了。哈。来看看他帮我搞了什么有趣的东东。 天啊~老弟,还真有你的!竟然想到把老妈子晒干的丝瓜、加上几片从院子里摘下的花瓣和绿叶,这样就轻而意举地凑成了一条。。。你们看得出来是什么吗?是鲤鱼啊!棒及了!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Fried Seaweed Cookies

I actually have no idea how to classify this kind of food. Cookies? Biscuit? Junk food? Whatever. I know it’s kind of snack. That’s it. Anyway, I will call it as Cookies in this entry. This is one of my mum’s must-do-cookies during Chinese New Year and also my favorite snack too. She stirred both the egg white and egg yolk in a bowl. Then, she applied the mix to seal two large pieces of egg roll wraps with a whole piece of seaweed in between all together, followed by the step of cutting them into smaller piece. After that, she submerged them into the boiling oil for less than two minutes and this is how they turn out crispy and crunchy. Yummy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Darling!

It’s my hubby’s birthday today but too bad I’m not with him now. Sorry, love. But I do miss you so much here. It’s great to have a little chat with you over the phone just now and knowing that you have just reached home safely. How do you feel when you see your dearest family again? It feels like kind of deep touching into your heart, right? I hope you enjoy the precious moment with your dearest ones too.

My hubby is coming back to his hometown today while I got home yesterday. We had just celebrated his birthday earlier on last Sunday. And, here are some photos to share…

The Gift of Christianity

Thanks to my sis for her little lovely hand-shaped keychain adorned with some warmest engraving - “I care your needs” on it. She bought it from the Methodist Bookstore while she is working there as a part-timer during her university term holiday now.

Pretty in Purple

My little bro told me this was the origin colour of the wild flowers which I posted them in my yesterday entry.

The purple gradually faded into pink and then to soft pink and finally to the pale white. This is how the life be. You keep producing and giving the best you can until that your time is up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

End of The Day

So long as I’m home, this is always the moment that I like most – everyone comes back from their work.

See. This little chap has just got a new Chinese New Year haircut.

Bunches of beauteous wild blossoms at dusk.

It's lovely, isn't it?

To my astonishment, the veggie is so huge and lush. Dad, this is amazing! You are a great home-farmer.