“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Violet Sentiment

The thought grows as freely as the flower, so the dream…

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Turn Out Spacious

Be off with what is not satisfying and here come the new chance.

Giving up the Townhouse is definitely the best ever decision that we have made. We never thought of regret all over. Exactly. Otherwise, we would miss our chance to pick up our real dream house - the house that could really fulfill our requirement.

Yes, we have found it. It seems to be waiting us for ages, I thought. Because 1102 is my hubby’s date of birth and coincidently, it happened to be the door plate of that unit too. Wow, how can it be! I believe it’s the best arrangement from our almighty God. He picks the ideal house for us and now, it is there for us to claim it.

We both love the stylish and spacious design inside and outside. Frankly, 26’ X 75’ at least is indeed big enough for a double storey terrace type. It gives us lots of freedom of space. We can do many things in there after that, like we can make use of the rooms for many particular purposes.

A room has certainly to be used as a personal reading corner. This has to be a bigger room because we really have lots of books and magazines to get in there. I can put on some soft music when doing my reading in a cozy sofa bed in there. I would feel tranquility and contentment. It’s sort of mental and spiritually relaxation. May be I could achieve some enlightenment in the meantime too. Who knows.

I can do my drawing or any DIY stuff in the other room. My hubby could as well share the room with me because I know he is going to have lots of stuff to do with his Gundam. Hee-hee. Oh yes, may be we can renovate a room for gym. So that, we both can do excise and have the great excitement together.

Gosh, there are many things to plan over. I suppose it would be really fun when going along and this would keep us busy for the continuous months… Blessed us!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Brand New Blender

See! See! See! Look at what I have got tonight. It’s an out of the blue surprise indeed. Really. A brand new blender for free. Oh no. It’s the 3rd prize from a lucky draw. Ha-Ha. I can’t keep myself from laughing since the moment I got the prize just now.

Oh right. I actually went to a bookstore with my hubby this evening. I wanted to buy some stationary, so we popped in to a bookstore in IOI Mall nearby. We spent about RM30 plus, automatically we earned an entry for lucky draw and that’s where the blender came from. Gosh! I could still hardly believe it!!

Lonely Platform

Here is another piece of artwork that I’ve just completed this morning – lonely platform.

The clown is performing alone on the stage. He keeps singing and juggling the balls without bothering if there is any audience. Somehow, there is a butterfly who is the only audience paying attention to his performance. She enjoys the show and tries her best to understand the feeling behind every single word in the song. She is the one who is always accompanying by his side.

The clown is the metaphor for the living of a normal person. Each of us is alone on our stage most of the time. However, there is a person - "butterfly" who is always there for us, sharing the up and down with us. Have you found this butterfly of yours?

Friday, April 9, 2010




就好比昨天早上,我部门的老大、老二及老三刚好都一起出远门了,所以假面佬就趁此黄金时刻肆无忌惮地胡乱在大佬(我公司的GM)面前搬弄事非。听我的senior说当时大佬想知道某个Product的Reject Rate高不高。假面佬就立刻强着回答说是非常非常的多,夸大其词,诬赖我部门办事不利。其实正确的数据只是3pcs吧了。哪来的非常多啊?简直就是瞎掰嘛。还好假面佬的日本上司还算是个正人君子,他当场在大佬面前纠正假面佬的错误讯息。我想假面佬当时一定很无地自容。可能他根本就不会。无赖怎么会懂得羞耻呢?

对了,忘了解释为什么叫他假面佬了。顾名思意。Got it?人前可以亲切得像个圣诞老公公,转个身就是奸到不能再奸的秦桧。他很有资格去参加北京的世界变脸大赛了。



曾经有好几次美国得高望重的Product Designer针对他不够专业地工作态度给于直评时,他不但不反省自己反而还呛声说自己本来就不是technical people,一点technical background都没有。既然如此,那你还待在technical部门干嘛?自暴其短,丢脸得要命。一个人学历底但只要有上进心,没有人会看不起你的。最怕是自己不争气,假面佬就是一个活生生的列子。可悲啊。

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Keroro Greeting

Wishing you a very happy and eggstra-special Easter, with warmest love and best wishes and may the Easter Day brings lots of happiness and joys in your life… Cheers!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boys’ Battle on Chessboard

Watching my two students – WeiSheng & YongZhang sitting face-to-face, paying full attention and taking every serious move as though one is carefully walking on the string, is indeed wonderful and interesting.

Almost everytime after the class, these two boys will always quickly rush out the classroom, put on the board and the pieces in Chinese chess and sit down opposite to each other. And, finally start their so called “Young Men’s Battle”, which is happened on the chessboard. Ha. It happened again tonight.

They both quickly setup the things and started the game after my tuition. Everyone was surrounding them and watching the competition excitingly.

During the game, YongZhang was kinda more careless and therefore, other boys had been so kind to remind him when he almost met the danger. Well, this was in fact not very encouraged because all the audience should have to keep silent when watching the game. But no one would care about this now.

In the other side, WeiSheng showed the better skill and stronger tactic than YongZhang. He would count on the next impact of his every move before he really did it. He tried to think well before act. This was what people should always have in their life. Because of his steady performance, he kept wining the game in the past. But, the history gotta be changed tonight.

Two avid players kept moving their pieces aggressively especially the chariots, the horses and canons on the board. Go horizontally, vertically, sometimes blocking the others, sometimes nearly checking the General and the most interesting part was that when one held another two at bay. Oh God. You know, it’s liked you were watching a live World Cup show. I felt a hit of adrenalin and sometimes punched the air with quiet whoop. Gosh. It got everyone so keen to know who would win in the final Armageddon.

Every dog has its day. No one would have thought that YongZhang could defeat WeiSheng. But it was true. At least for this time. Great! Congrats boy. May be you should buy a meal for your friends who had been supporting you through the whole game. Ha~