“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Was Electrically Shocked Today

It happened by accident. Nobody would expect to get a dreadful electric shock ever in their life, so was I. I experienced it before but all those were just small charges compared to this time which was about 380V terribly going thru my fingers and causing the skin slightly burnt. Oh SHIT!

I was doing a development testing on a new product this afternoon. I programed the chip on the power module, and then plugged in the 240 AC voltages to turn the unit on in order to carry out the following testing. It was nearly 400V generated in the unit. The assembly code was programed onto the IC thru a kit. The data was read back again by the computer for some verification purpose before the unit could be qualified for next step.

After that, as usual, I turned off the input supply and electronic load together. Usually I would just turn off the input supply but left the electronic load at on state.

Very unlikely, without any alert or even looking at the unit, I grabbed it nonchalantly on next to remove it from the test fixture. I guess I must be absent-minded when that moment. I touched on the component leads without aware of the big caps were still doing the discharging process slowly.

For God’s sake, huge voltage passing thru my skin instantly between the sudden contact and my fingers were strongly contracted on the board like a power magnet and could not let go for a few seconds. I screamed and immediately dragged my hand away from the contact. A little part of the skin burnt and my fingers felt numb and pain. Thanks God. On top of those, it did not injure much on me otherwise I could not imagine what would be going on.

This was the first time I experienced such a miserably huge electric shock. No more again!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sign Up an iPhone4 Plan at Maxis

My hubby is RIGHT! I shouldn’t be so conservative about the whole issue. After all, it’s just a mobile phone with more advanced technology (my hubby keeps persuading me to try it out); prepaid and postpaid is merely a rule about either paying off the money before or after the usage. Not a big deal at all.

Yea, perhaps I was over-worried. I shouldn’t have to bother so much. There must be some advantages come along with the mobile phone that the whole world is crazy about it.

Ok, no more dither or agitation. I finally sign up an iPhone4 plan tonight at Maxis rather than DiGi. Both of their offered packages are quite similar except Maxis can bond up to a year while DiGi insists at least 2 years. Well, it’s actually too long for me. I prefer more freedom and flexibility, so I choose Maxis finally. Around RM100 per month with extra 5% tax charged. Errhmm… it still smells pricey but look at the bright side, why not I take the chance to try it out for a year and see how is the service liked?! Thinking in this way always motivates me more.

I will get my new iPhone4 after two weeks’ time. Looking forward to it. My heart is doing a kind of jig now. La-la-la~

Give Up iPhone4?

I'm still dithering about to sign up a plan or not in order to get a new iPhone4 for my Christmas present this year (my hubby pays for everything).

I’m currently using a prepaid line, never thought of taking any postpaid package. Do I really can get used to it? I would receive a bill by every month end with a roll of calls listed which telling me that you have got to pay off this and that plus some other anonymous charges which I might need to check where they are come from. For God’s sake, I hate this!

Second, I don’t want to get rid of my existing DiGi line. I ever think of taking DiGi postpaid but the DiGi centre nearby my place doesn’t supply iPhone4. I would have to go down to the town area if I want to subscribe DiGi postpaid with iPhone4. Damn. What if the iPhone4 is unfortunately showing some or minor issue and need to send for servicing? I probably have to drive 30minutes plus to the town again just for sending a phone for repairing. And, another long distance drive needed for getting the phone back afterwards. Goodness! It sounds so troublesome.

One more, taking DiGi postpaid with iPhone4 will bond me for two years. So loooong!

The only advantage I can see from DiGi is, the monthly charges are about RM58 plus 5% tax which is somehow cheaper than other lines. I think this is the only attractive point I can find about DiGi so far.

My hubby told me that the SIM card used for iPhone4 is smaller than the standard size. What?! What the hell of this sort of design? Why on earth they always want to be so customised and so outstanding and so different from others? Do they really know that sometimes it brings trouble to the end customer like me? What the hell is exactly in their mind?

I don’t want iPhone4 anymore. Go away! No more iPhone4 in my life, ever. Taking an iPhone4 seems to be adding a trouble to myself. My head is pounding hard inside everytime I think of those listed above.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Is Very Much Touching!

My hubby is really a sweet darling! He always gives me a surprise just out of the blue and it makes my day! This is another one again that just happened tonight.

It took me really long time to get home. When I came out from the airport towards the taxi stand, it was already almost half past ten. Miserably, there was a long queue before me. Why on earth there were so many people took taxi tonight?! Jeez. It took me about an hour to catch a taxi home. Fifteen to twelve when I reached home tonight. I was frustrated, wore out completely.

Once I switched on the light and lifted towards the first floor, I saw these entire lovely handmade wooden Mickey and Minnie standing steadily on around the table as though they were all welcoming me home. Jesus! I know this is another surprise from my hubby when I was not around and he did that quietly for me. I always know that. I love you darling!! You are brightening up my mood tonight!!

5-Hour in KLIA

It took me two hours to reach KLIA by flight.

It’s around half past four when I got off the plane. I had a long extra five hours before my next transit flight to JB. I pushed the trolley where my cabin luggage and the camera bag were and meandered from shop to shop in the airport.

I stopped at a bookstore, picked a magazine and stood next to the rack and leafed through the pages quietly. On and off there were a few people passing over me. I was concentrating on certain pages which writing about some interesting celebrities’ gossip. Oops!

Continuously I opened another one for reading again after I finished the one in my hands.

On top of that, I browsed the novels on the racks too. Thinking of buying a book again, no specific book I aimed to buy home, just any that could attract me (this is one of my favourite things to do when in the bookstore).

I found the Sherlock Holmes in two volumes with RM38++ each. Errhemm… A bit pricey. I took one of them down and opened and quickly glimpsed through a few lines. I did the same thing on another book. This novel is pretty famous all over the world; I should get myself a set too. Or, perhaps I could get them from Harris JB where I would be entitled for 10% discount and the item price would probably be even cheaper than these sold in airport. Right. I put them back onto the rack again eventually.

It’s quite some time I spent in the bookstore. Time to move on. When almost I stepped out from the shop, I suddenly spotted a book with a little bright red sticker reading “Now For Only RM15” on the cover. It’s a wedding book!

I quickly took it down and turned over the pages. There were many comprehensive wedding planning guides complete with checklist and every aspect that a bride-to-be should have to know on her upcoming nuptials. Why on earth I had never thought about to buy one of those? My hubby would propose to me anytime and there would have loads of things to carry out after that. Did we really know what they were?

Oh my God. I had to get myself one of these! I need a checklist! I need a wedding planner! We need an idea the order in which to plan our wedding! We definitely want to make our big day happens and cherished and remembered for the rest of life.

Without second thought, I grabbed the wedding book and paid off the money at the counter. Then I left the store with my trolley and the new wedding book in hand now!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lunch with Parents & Brothers

My mum, dad and Ah Chii are going to have their birthdays in the consecutive weeks and I will be leaving here soon tomorrow afternoon. I would like to give them a simple but heartfelt birthday treat before I leave. Thereby, I asked them out for a family lunch at a Chinese restaurant after Sunday-worshipping today.

The atmosphere was filled with our pleasant pearls of laughter. In between one of the dishes came with a few big prawns and my little bro and I fought each other to get them (we both love to eat prawn very much). He had done really well with his chopsticks and hence, he won them at the end. Damn.

I still prefer to use spoon and fork instead. At least I’m better with them.

Ah Chii was probably pretty smug of his triumph that he slurped the prawn right in front of me with some bloody exaggerated arrogant expression. Damn again! Well, I didn’t mind!! Really! Hmm… whatever.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Purple Thing in Mum’s Garden

Guess what’s this? Eggplant - they call it. Before this I did not know what this veggie was called. I used to call it as “purple thing”, barely know that Chinese people name it as “茄子” (Qie-Zi). Well, my parents like it but I do not. It tastes YUCK to me. My mum likes to put it on the menu.

When I was a little girl, my parents always liked to put that sticky thing on my plate and I just wanted to dump it into the bin. If I did that, my mum would definitely give me a total rocket (I knew that because I had many times before and finally end up with more on my plate).

Anyhow, this plant is rich in some kind of nutrition value and it is ideal for maintaining optimum health. Also, it’s a great weapon for whoever wishes to get a weight loss too. Ha.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

After Rain

Rain keeps the morning refreshed.

I love raining but my father doesn’t like it especially on the working days. He feels trouble while he has to put on an umbrella when getting in and off the car, or carrying out some uploading or unloading jobs from the truck on the rainy day. Oh yah, I won’t like that too if so. I mean, I would only like the rainy day when I am in the building like I’m staying at home now which keep myself from getting drenched while can still enjoy the cool weather.

The rain was over; leave the rainwater on the surface to evaporate.

The plants have been getting well moisturised in the rain just now.

They seems like just done a great shower.

Start the new day, after the refreshing rain. Good morning, THURSDAY!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visited My Sis at Curtin

My sis is currently in her exam week. It’s a very important week for her. She can only back home next week whereby I will have left my hometown again. We would not be able to meet each other except we paid her a sweetest visit today.

We had four people here – mum, dad, Ah Chii and I. Another brother was not going with us because he has a miserable infection at his left ear and not convenient for travelling at the moment. We took about 3 hours plus to get there.

Everyone was dashing thru the compound together with her quick commentary almost on every single corner of the uni. She was our tour guide today. For a moment, I started to miss my uni (University of Plymouth) again.

The weather was CRAZY! It’s raining heavily in the morning but suddenly turned out bloody hot in the afternoon.

Time to say GOODBYE again. I could feel that my sis was reluctant to let us going home.

Here is the last bit for my sis - try your best and we all will be cheering up here for you!!!! Gambatte!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Mum's Long Green Bean Trees In The Garden

I took some pictures of my mum’s long green bean trees which creeping along the stick towards where the sunshine is glowing this morning. (Ouch! The sun is burning!!)

Oops, gotcha! A little spider was probably feeling hot too and finding itself a shelter underneath the leave.

I couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful yellow flowers blooming in the garden again. I have some special feeling on them. They are stunning, especially on the sunny day.

Just the transmission pole. (I blurred the flowers at the front of.)

Come back to the yellow angels again. Simply like them. *wink*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Unique Passion

My dad has a great passion on this plant – honestly, I don’t even know what the name it is. Only that I know is, it’s a kind of wild bush. It grows naturally in the forest. Somehow people moved it over to become one of the great decorations in the garden.

We have a really huge one in the courtyard. And, my dad still keeps breeding the little one on other trees or in the pot again. He even suggests me to bring one back and plant it in our new garden next time.

In The Fiery Sunshine

I tried out a few settings on my D90 and here I took some pictures in the courtyard at this burning noon time.

Here are the baby papayas next to the starfruit tree.

Some beautiful flowers for your eyes. Ow, there is another papaya snippet slipped in here. *wink*

The biggest wild bush in our courtyard. “Hi, GIANT! Glad to see you again!” *giggle*

Oops, daddy's coming back for LUNCH!!
Let's go back in to the house now. It's LUNCH TIME!! We had mummy-home-made-curry on the menu today. Yapppppyyy!! See you later again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flu… Again

It’s getting more and more frequent lately. I had once about a week ago. Oh NO. It’s not until a week yet. To be honest, is that a symptom or serious warning about something that has been hidden dreadfully behind and going to explode soon? I’m worried.

Or, is that just because I was too tired yesterday for long distance travelling and some more didn’t stand a good night’s sleep last night? All in all, I have no idea! I have a great fear, as long as I don’t really know how my real condition is.

God, please stay with me. At the mercy of your greatest love and the support from my dearest family, I’ve overcome it once long time ago and I hope I can stand it if it did happen again. But of course, I indeed hope it won’t come ever.

I’ve got to be very positive and cheerful, I tell myself in heart. This would help, I think.

Monday, November 8, 2010














Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adore Cartier LOVE Ring

I was browsing for the LOVE ring series on Cartier website last night. Just out of the blue. I looked for a wedding ring which I expect to have a few diamonds on the ring. Well, every girl love diamond - it’s always so gorgeous and makes oneself looks extremely brilliant. I told my hubby before that I fancy two types of design for my wedding ring; one is with a few rubies adorned with some tiny little diamonds, while another one is the LOVE theme from Cartier.

I adore Cartier jewellery especially the LOVE theme series ever since I saw the design – LOVE ring and bracelet on Bosco (Hong Kong actor) and Stefanie (Chinese singer from Singapore) about a few years ago. I actually hadn’t read the price by that moment. So, I got no idea how expensive they were. But, definitely would not less than RM5000, I thought.

Not until last night, I requested Cartier to send me the information about the item that I fancy. To my astonishment, the LOVE ring (B4032500) is priced from RM9250 ++. Gosh. It’s extremely pricey!! Far beyond my maximum estimation. But… but… I really love that ring!! *sigh* Well, guess my hubby won’t give a nod after knowing the price unless he is out of mind…. *sigh again*