“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heaven And The Hell

These are the two comments I can think of, for the two main courses I made– bitter gourd soup and the golden prawn rice.

To be honest, I felt regret to buy these smaller type of bitter gourd. I should rather choose the ordinary type (in much bigger size). The hawker had even reminded me that this smaller type was much bitterer than the ordinary ones while not many people could take it.

At the moment I was acting smart to think that if the more bitter the gourd, the nutrition should get higher too. Apparently I was wrong. I end up with stewing in my own grease.

I felt regret, after I tasted the soup. I shouldn’t buy it. The bitterness was extravagant and awful regardless of adding the sweet corn to soften the unbearable horror taste. We both felt hard to take it. It tasted really bad, to be honest with you. Why on earth did I have that bloody thought in mind?! No more next time.

Fortunately, I still had this golden prawn rice to comfort my tummy and make me felt better after enduring the failure in bitter gourd soup. I mean, at least I didn’t spoil all my cooking today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

LV Fever

It seems to be zillion years for me in order to grab one.

My first LOUIS VUITTON handbag! My first ever branded handbag! MY-OH-MY. This is incredibly driving me crazy.

I can’t really remember when I started to wish myself could have one. But I can still recall that I started to make up my mind in order to have one of my own was when I travelled to Macau and visited the LV store located in Venetian Resort-Hotel. I was amazed by many LV bags which standing proudly and highly on the shelves with some distance between each other. They were indeed fascinating.

For a moment, I found myself thinking how glamorous and elegant I could be with this fashionable handbag. It would definitely compliment my outlook.

LV Speedy 25 was the first in my option list. But I changed my mind after listening to my hubby’s new proposal and some from other salesmen and girls in the store.

So. Finally, I bought the Neverfull PM Damier Azur. They all commented this was so match to my sweet lovely image. Ha-ha. I won’t deny.

In spite of myself, I just couldn’t stop admiring my reflection in the mirror with the new bag hanging on my shoulder. Hee-hee *giggle*

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Woman In Her Little Kitchen

Does it look yummy to you? I hope it does. *giggle*

That’s the fried rice I cooked for dinner on last Saturday night. Besides, I had made several other dishes too for the weekend like mushroom chicken soup (with Dang Gui), steamed fish (with a few slices of mushroom too and also wolfberries) in soya source, scrambled egg with leek, sautéed pak choy with Japanese tofu, sautéed water spinach, and mixed veggies. I got many compliments from my darling after he tasted the food I cooked. So yippee!!

Tell you what, I love to be the weekend-housewife, especially after I own my private kitchen. Although I do most cooking at weekend, but I indeed enjoy the fun. That’s another good thing I found after shopping. Haha!

I have got to think about the different menu for every weekend and make sure they could arouse my hubby’s appetite. This is another exciting bit about cooking!

Share you another little secret – I found that my hubby prefers going home for the meal rather than going out to the restaurants nowadays. Well, previously he didn’t like to eat the food I cooked because they mostly tasted mild and also lack of meat in the ingredient (I used to cook something which I thought were ‘super’ healthy – less salt, less oil, less meat, almost vegetarian, neither fry or stir, nor MSG or people call it as Ajinomoto, but merely served in steamed way). All those could not fulfill his greedy taste and stomach even. Hence, he went to eat outside.

But now, it’s changed. My cooking seems to have won his attention back and astonished him that he starts to like the dishes I cook. That’s certainly a great approval and compliment to my effort!

Thanks darling. Surely, I will make you fond of my cooking INCREDIBLELY… Not by any voodoo. Haha!

(P/S: Credits go to my dearest father too. Thanks for teaching and sharing me the useful tips of making the dishes. Love you always too!! Hee-hee)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hung Out On Balcony

We both spent gleefully the intimate moment together again on balcony. See what we did on there this afternoon - loitering with our iPhones to snap the pictures around, reading magazine, posing some silly expression on camera and so on. Gosh, couldn’t feel better!

Following by the bubble bath together after going back into the house. Hee-hee!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Irresistible

Last Saturday morning, he (my hubby) almost dropped his jaw when he seeing me holding another two new carrying bags home.

Well, actually I went to collect my white evening dress, which been sent for teeny modification to well fit my smaller size. However, during the collection, the salesgirl introduced me a pair of new SAKURA high heels with coolest design, and the silky black short pants.

The shoes looked cool to me – mainly composed of blue jeans kind of fabric and brown leather, as though they were designed for people who going to set off an expedition in desert. I seemed like to have seen them somewhere on the TV shows, worn by some unknown western celebrities. Yeah, may be yes may be no. Who cares.

Both heels and pants were really nice, I found myself thinking in sudden interest and wondered how much they were. Erhemm… The heels were pretty much expensive, around RM250++. The pants cost me less than RM50.

My hubby felt guilty that he hadn’t been with me when I went to collect my dress. He said he should come along so that he could drag me away from the irresistible temptation and spending much money again.

Err… whatever. I now have two new pairs of high heels in consecutive weeks. Perhaps, I should call myself a shoeaholic, then. Ha.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Organic Porridge

Hey-hey, this is my first time tasting this full organic porridge with high fibre yam and grains in its ingredient.

Usually I will cook simple meal for my dinner during weekday especially I need to rush for class afterwards. The time is pretty short for the dishes preparation. So, I would often go for plain congee plus steam egg and some raw well sliced carrots.

I’m now starting to get bored with the same dishes every week. I wanted to try something different but still, I want to keep the nutrition too. That’s the main reason I go for organic porridge.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pleasantly Warm And Closer

It was about late afternoon, my hubby took the broom and got out to balcony to sweep away the branches left over by the birds which nestling below the awning. I was doing some decorating stuff in the living hall when the moment he called my up to the balcony.

“Love, can you come over here? The outside is beautiful,” he shouted from the first floor.

“Okay,” I replied and quickly grabbed a magazine and a newspaper which we just bought this morning and hurry to the balcony.

My darling was standing against the parapet and gazing at the distant mountains when I came. He took me to the swing and sat down. He cuddled me closely and whispered at my ear.

“Love, look at the mountains, the fields, the flying birds, the cloudy sky and all of the nature surrounding us. It’s beautiful.” I could see the vivid glow in his eyes.

“Yes, darling. I like here very much. It’s such a wonderful place for us.” I gave him an affectionate kiss on his right cheek and embraced him back even closer.

We snuggled up for a little while.

Then, he took the newspaper to read while I sat with my legs crossed in “full-lotus” posture, which I thought was the most comfortable way and leafed through the magazine. It’s not entirely all-way reading and quiet; we did have some fun and frolic once in a while too. We spent really good time on there before the sundown.

That is the moment which I desire for all the time being. I love you darling… Love the time to be with you. xxx

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bovril ran away

Guess what I did tonight? I went to buy Bovril just now!

I had been long time never taking Bovril. I wanted to crave some tonight. Hee-hee. So after violin class, I deliberately stopped by at the supermarket on the way home, and bought a smallest one. It cost me about RM8 something.

Now, I reached home. I couldn’t wait to open the cap. One second before, I was ecstatically scooping out a big full spoon to mix in my well-cooked congee. Guess what happened in the next?

It began with - I wanted to store the Bovril in the fridge afterwards. But out of the blue, just a few steps before I reached the fridge, the little bulbous jar slipped off my hands like a runaway pony, banged on the floor and fell into pieces. The black sticky stuff splashed out on the mosaics. My eyes opened wide and I was speechless. It took me quite a while to regain my conscious.

Gosh. My Bovril is gone! And, the most important point is, I only managed to take a spoon from it, which returned me only RM2 of overall… Geez! The rest of my RM6 is vanished into bubbles and disappeared into air now.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopaholic Returns

Not kind of extravagant but hmm… kinda wish to pamper myself after being working so hard and diligent for last few months to setup up the new home. I had skipped almost all the movies and shopping which I used to do over my weekend during that tough period. Now, I settle in my new place and gradually carry back my fantabulous life again!

These are my latest purchase - I bought a new pair of high heels in bright red, a scarf and a lovely white colour evening dress from different boutiques nearby my place.

Actually, I have a similar pair of the heels which I bought from Vincci last year. Can’t remember the exact date. But the design and the colour are more or less the same as my newly purchased ones, except the new ones are higher and have longer toecap (tip).

These new pair cost half of its original price, hence it’s worth to grab ones. Some more, my feet look great in there too, especially the inner curve presents a good shape of my feet.

I want to put that on together with my white lovely evening dress during some formal occasion next time. They could make up a perfect ensemble, I think!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The New Swingieeee

Aha! Look at what we bought yesterday - a brand new swing made of teak. It’s now standing on our spacious balcony and facing to the sunset and the distance mountain.

I think I really love enjoying the scenery and lazing away my evening in there now. I can even make myself a cup of flower tea and bring over some magazines to read on. It would be so relaxing and fantabulous! Yup, you make a right guess! This is another piece to spice up our beautiful life again.

Well, if you can snuggle up with your dearest one that will make the overall even GREAT! Hee-hee.