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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Wedding Party Tonight!

Here are some photos from my sis' cam for sharing. I will upload the others after I get them from the appointed photographer. Probably after a few more weeks. Stay tuned! ^^

Tacky was creating three different themes on my hair - vogue, Shanghai mode and brisky one. Wow, I love them to the extreme.... so muchhhhhhhh LIKEsssssss

Poor hubby who had been our driver for the whole afternoon... xxx


In progress...

Wow, I like my sweetest smile! Haha ;ppp

I find myself still live conveniently in COLOUR hair, instead of in the ordinary black hair...

I love this one!!!

Nice take!

Almost done... putting on the accessories...

I had never thought this fancy piece could compliment my hair nicely!! Love it... This part is in the Shanghai mode.

Do you see the ROSE? It's blooming shyly on my hair now... Heee

Touch up the last bit...


Big rose in blossom...

Ta-da!!! Even Tacky also quite satisfied with his design. Me too and extreamely!!!

Many thanks to Tacky for his time and work!

Settled the bill.

Another impressive one on my sister's.

The ROSE bouquet.

Before the event kicked off.

In front of the reception desk.

Pictures with my colleagues.

Wedded couple!

My PRETTY MC of the night!

(Dummy) Cake-cutting ceremony.

Looked like the guests enjoyed these cupcakes too... a few left over only...

Thanks to KG and Amanda (she is also a news broadcaster on TV) for bringing the atmosphere over the top joy!!!! Especially the dancing part. I'm sure everyone was indeed enjoying the fab time!!!

Forgot to ask the waiter to put these at buffet counter... As the guests might feel shy to get one on the stage... ;ppp

Nice arch... When the party was come to an end...

The feeling was really awful - 2 times throw-ups and fell unconscious on the way home... I think I might drink too much with empty stomach just now... (><)

Barely making a pose for my sis upon her request while I was drunken....

With my pretty and only sis in front of the roses arch.

Photography is her hobby now.

Is she looked like waiting for her prince to come? Heehee...

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