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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Party Photos On 11Aug2012 By Paul

Thanks Paul and his partner Lim for their beautiful photos on our wedding party!! There are truly what I was long for!!! You have captured the right scenario in term of feeling, angle, and the toning greatly on each picture. Again, thanks to all of you who made our day and everything to happen. Now, it’s time to recall what’s on the night… enjoy *wink*

Ramayana Lounge by the swimming pool in Pulai Springs Resort and the arrangement...

Me and my darling...

Guests arrival...

My dearest cronies forever - Niko whom was the MC on the event too, and Low, and Mr. & Mrs (Deedee) & Little Miss Seahhhhh. Heee ^^

You (Alicia & Nichole) two were sooooo sweeeeet. Haa ;p

Our prettie was announcing the kick-off.

Dinner started where Amanda ushered us with a beautiful tune on her saxophone marching into the reception area and then to the stage for cake cutting ceremony.

Taking the food at buffet counter...

Thanks KG and Amanda for their great performance on the night! I’m sure everyone was truly enjoying their songs!
I really hoped that I had time to sit down and listened to their songs too. Anyway, I hope to have another pleasure to invite them coming down again for another time in future. Heee

Champagne toasting.

Sweet sweet loveeeee...

This was witty KG’s idea and it’s indeed making the event even FUN!! Haaa

I had never expected that he would do this!! Wowwwww~ It's a big surprise to me which I will never forget ever in my life. (Lucky me that he didn't throw me into the air. Haaahaaaa)

Yammmmmmm... Senggggg~

Let's recall again our old old time in TLMS Conference Room back in seven years ago. (Which we were doing some mischievous poses like in the picture below in front of the webcam. Ha ;p)

With my ex-violin-classmate, ex-workmate, ex-blablabla but still a forever good crony - Low.

With my closest buddies - DeeDee & Niko - the two gorgeous!

With the 'King of Durian Mao Shan' and lovely Shanon. Heehee ;pp

The photographers - Paul and Lim. Bravo for all the snapshoots!

And, the rest...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. Woo hoo! Your photos are really good! Amanda and KG are very happy to be part of your excellent Wedding dinner.

I am glad To see all those smiles and laughters.

Thank you for having AMANDA & KG BAND in your Wedding. We'd like to wish you and husband a long lasting Marriage with many children!

Amanda & KG BAND

Jenjen said...

Thankssssss KG, Amanda and Daniel on your brilliant co-operation too!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I was doing research on internet for wedding venues in JB and I'm so glad to read your blog! I was looking for restaurant that serve buffet dinner in JB. If you don't mind, can you share some details/info on the Pulai Spring's wedding dinner package? Like how much they charged etc.

Thank you!
Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i forgot to attach my email address.
You can contact me at orange_oranji@hotmail.com

Thank you so much in advance! :)

Jenjen said...

Hi there,

Sorry for my 'extremely' late response. I didn't realize that you had left two messages on my Blogspot about two months ago until tonight when I logined and checked the status.

I'm not using much Blogspot lately but starting another one with more specific topic on Wordpress. Therefore, I spend very less time on Blogspot nowadays.

Anyway, did you find out the information you need? Else, I would be very much willing to share you the experience of hosting my last wedding buffet in Pulai Springs Resort.

Let's continue in email, then. Cheers.