“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Lost My Kitty!!!

How sad I am to tell myself the truth that my Kitty has lost. It has gone and I won’t be able to find it back anymore. *sob* I’m sorry, in case you are misunderstanding about the “Kitty” that I’m talking here, it’s not a real cat but sort of a mobile phone hanging ornament - a Hello Kitty dressed in kendo ensemble. It is a souvenir brought back by my best buddy from a vacation to Japan a year ago.

This Kendo Kitty had been sticking with me ever since I got it. It was always the first one whom I saw whenever my phone rang. It accompanied me in and out and witnessed the sweetest and harshest time of my past. Losing it is like a person can’t fall asleep without holding her lovely bolster in her arms. I treasured it much more that one can imagine and measure.

You might gaze at me incredulously.I know it’s merely an ornament but I always have the habit to stick the memory onto certain things, so that it would arouse the image of someone or something which is hiding in my memory consciously or unconsciously, and bring back the old scenery when I see it. That’s why I feel really upset when I lost it, as if some of the memories are being aparted from me now. Somehow it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Anyway, I have lost it at the end. I lost my beloved Kendo Kitty… *sob again*

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Morning...

Hi... Morning everyone!!! I have just woken from my merely five hours deep sleep. In fact, it’s not enough for me; I used to sleep for at least seven to eight hours everyday as it is the essential ingredient for my well-being.

I had been going out with my buddies – Low, Fikar, HY & Marcy for a KTV session at Neway, City Square last night. We had our happy hours over the night until 4.00am this morning, and then, it got me another 30minutes to reach home with my tired body and sleepy mind. Of course we went there after our dinner. Or in fact we should call it as supper – we had it really late, after 9pm, as Low and I had a basketball session again with our colleagues after work before we met them at V & O Café.

I have a little sore throat this morning as a consequence of kept singing loud whenever came to the chorus part of the songs, as if I was screaming. Haha~ But it was really exciting that instant when you shout freely along the song. What’s it like? It’s like giving someone whom you are annoyed a great punch. It’s like you smashing a squash ball flying towards you speedily. It’s like the best moment of sex. Everything else is blocked out of your mind. It’s pure, simple pleasure.

Also, I start feeling my upper left arm getting the dull ache again. It is definitely the effect of over-exercising last evening. Hopefully it won’t be so much hurt like last time. Anyway, I'm still feeling a bit tired now. Perhaps I should take an afternoon nap later after my lunch to give my body a really good rest. *wink*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


哈,是否被我这有点另类的开场吓着呢?!别紧张,我并不是要对任何人颐指气使。只是那天无意中在一份报纸附送的小刊物上看到这一则很有用的话: "当你忧郁的时候,你可以允许自己处在这样的情绪之中,藉着自我察觉的方式,让表现于外的自己,与心灵深出的自己同在,了解目前的身心状态,而不是刻意或无意地用忧郁脆弱、容易受伤的形象来博取他人的关爱与注意。









Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mini Basketball Match against Foursome

Ouch!! It's bloody hurt when I try to get up from my seat. I’m actually suffering from a bad pain almost all over my body especially the muscles of my thighs, waist and both of my upper arms and my back since last Friday night after such an exciting game – a mini basketball match against foursome.

We had a really fantastic mini basketball game went on last Friday evening after we knocked off from our works. It happened improvised while we merely planned to do a few shootings or some other basketball practices at the court in the first place. I was practicing throwing the ball into the net from different angles. I felt glad everytime when I got the ball shot into the net.

Soon there were more and more people came and joined us afterward, and one of our members suggested having a half-court match, four by four. Gosh, I simply wanted to carry out my net-shooting part instead of a match. I had never been involved in a proper basketball match before; instead, I used to be one of the audiences in the past. I was a bit worried in the beginning as I could spoil the game. But BK had done a great job in motivating us - “No rush but carry the ball steadily and pass to your team members.” His word was dinning in my ears during the game. “I would try my best to not upset my team,” I whispered to myself, trying to get over my nervous.

Yeah, I was getting more and more excited after participated for quite a while. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins and my heart was throbbing with excitement. I tried my best to snatch the ball from opponents when they dribbled the ball toward the net, and pass it to my team members. That was what I could contribute to my team, I thought.

James is the tallest amongst our team, at least 180cm I guess. With the advantage of James’ height, we managed to get a high score in the beginning. It gave more confidence to us for moving aggressively throughout the match. BK was a real basketball player before so he had been trained up with proper skills. His capable of acting and moving quickly had granted us more and more scores continuously.

The game last for about 40minutes and we won with the scores 10 to 5. Yahoooo!!!! Everyone was exhausted after the match. I started to feel the dull ache spreading over the muscles of my body when I took a rest on the bench afterward. I bet my muscles had been badly abused during the game. And, it is what is happening on me starting the next day of the match...

Ouch! Again. (x_x)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Angels in The Garden

Take this little creatures from the garden as the reminder of the simple beauty in life... Blessed. *wink*


Photos were taken by my bros-sYew & sChii.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Yeah, I got it!

It’s always glad when you can find the solutions to your mistakes which are being hanging for so long. Yeah, I think I have developed a way to improve my weak bowing skill at the end after several weeks of experimental approaches. Let’s waste no time now and I will share you the tricks under this blog entry.

Here are the few tips to keep the bow constantly go straight up and down against the string:

    1. You may think about to tilt the bow slightly and catch approximately 3/4s of hair when drawing the bow over the string. This is the technique that encouraged by most of the experienced violinists in order to add the pleasantness to the tonal quality, by softens the tone produced.
    2. When down-bow, tilt the bow slightly so that about 1/4s of the hair is lifted toward the bridge.
    3. When come to the up-bow, raise the same volume of the bow hair but toward the end of fingerboard this time.
Thus, you will find the bow together with your wrist are practically rolling to the left and right above the string gently when the bow is drawn. This is aimed to provide an ease for your forearm and wrist to move comfortably while keeping the bow in straight when it is drawn.
    4. Also, do remain your upper arm in still when you are going through the different notes on the same string. The upper arm should be pretty much quiet. Else, you might end up with shifting the bow too close to either the bridge or fingerboard which would most likely producing squeaky and scratchy sounds that are really annoying.
Here are the tips that I have found useful to stay my upper arm from moving:
    1. Stretching your forearm only outward (it is seen like a straight line above the string drawing a perfect plus sign) when down-stroke and upward when up-stroke while yet keeping your upper arm unmoved.
    2. Bear in mind that no inward (moving in an angle towards the bridge) motion is involved when up-stroke.
There is an exercise which I learn from one of the bowing basic sites - standing with your upper arm against a wall or door and move your forearm without using your upper arm at all. I’m following this method and frankly, it does help to resist my upper arm from swinging badly. I’m trying to establish the feel of keeping my upper arm passive. It is a bit awkward but I believe I will get to it someday if I keep on practicing consistently everyday! *wink*

Notwithstanding that watching other potential musicians' performances would be a great way of learning approach too...
La Campanella Recital 2009 organised by High Note Music Academy... ~14March2009~

Foon Yew Symphony Orchestra on 29Dec2008... Low & I were indeed impressed by their outstanding performance on the day, especially those violin soloists.They are really talented and I would like to say their performance was comparable to the pro-violinist's standard. Bravo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 22's to 萍萍!!



Monday, March 2, 2009

A Simple Outing Amongst Friends

I hung out with Fikar, Tiu and Chin - a new friend and also their colleague from Qimonda, tonight after they knocked off from their work. We went to a cafe which comes with a very strange name - “Aunty Sam” at Nusa Bestari. You may wonder if the place could be blended in with very old style and traditional theme. No, it is totally not.

The cafe does not give a great visual impression when you step into it. None of the items inside seem to be eye-catching or outstanding! The walls are painted in black and grey and full of illustration of huge wild plants and shrubs. Some blue flashing LEDs are hanging on top of them as well. The theme which is intended - judging from my impression is mystery in the wild; but, this seems to be a more appropriate one for a pub instead of a cafe! The dingy environment ended up troubling us for interpreting the pictures in the menu while ordering our food rather than providing a mysterious atmosphere. *eye-rubbing*

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is She Truly Qualified?!

I always have the problem about getting my bow straight when drawing it over the strings. I will draw my bow slantingly into a curve angle throughout my playing. It happens unknowingly everytime and I have no idea how can I keep it as straight as possible.

My violin teacher will correct me when she discovers my mistake, but not everytime. She merely adjusts my bow position and keeps reminding me not to slant my bow, make sure it is placed so that both of the bow and string will against each other to produce a plus (+) sign. Gosh, how can I judge if the bow and the string are producing a plus sign from my point of view?! *ridiculous*

I sought her further advice for improving my weak point. Disappointingly, she had nothing to show me but with a very general and unspecific verbal answer - “You can only improve it on your own with a mirror in front of you.” I expect her could suggest me some useful hints or guidelines that can particularly work on my mistake. Or may be she can also share her learning experience about the right bowing technique to me so that I could be inspired at the end. But now, I realize that I could be expecting her too much.

One more thing that worried me so much is she seldom emphasizes and focuses on the essential violin techniques that we suppose to adhere before proceeding to the advanced piece. She intends to go through the lessons very quick in spite of we have really picked up the skill or not. I doubt the teaching attitude of her. Does she know that violin basic studies are the most critical in the foundation stage? What habit we develop today may contribute to our advancement tomorrow. Perhaps, earning tuition fee from us would be her main aim.

Frankly, she is disappointing. I would say that she is not a QUALIFIED violin TEACHER even though she might be a good violin performer. I truly do want to establish good habits from the start. Therefore, I will definitely quit my current lesson if I could find a better tutor even if I have to fork out extra dollars and cents.