“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today I’m A Spoiled-Lady!

Another two new items from my shopping today – sunglasses from Vincci and vintage glasses from Padini Authentics.

Not to say that I’m obsessed by all this shopping though honestly they are pretty tempting. Listen. I’m a frugal and sensible person. I’m always prudent on what I spend. Just that… ehem… they are too fabulous to me. Ok. I admit that I’m a bit out of control this time.

The reason is, I always craving for a pair of sunglasses before. Just that it would be really costly if I took one with a degree. The good news is, I have got myself the contact lens lately, which means I can simply put on any eyewear without worrying about the huge expenses at the first place.

Oh, this is incredibly great! I mean, a pair of charming sunglasses has always an icon of fashion which would definitely add some credit to your outlook. It’s just an absolute thing that each of the women should have at least one in their handbag. You might think that I’m trying to protest, or finding an excuse. But by heart, isn’t this practically TRUE in reality?
Besides the sunglasses, I consecutively pamper myself with these new vintage glasses which the legs are covered in some sort of reminiscent black leather which embroidered with dotted white line beautifully. It’s an important item for image makeover!
Well, all the bills went to my hubby at the end. Thanks, darling! Ha.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sketch of Girls’ Generation

Oops, not just only my sis, my bro has done a piece of fabulous sketch of the Girls’ Generation lately. My God. You both have such a magic hand!

Scribble About a Life Rhythm

If you ever see my sis’ drawing, you will really be impressed. She has very good skill in that especially sketching the cartoons. She can simply make it anywhere so long as there is a flat surface for her to draw on. She is a real genius in that field.
One thing to add on - I’m a FAN of hers too. *giggle*

Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Beige Wedge Gladiator Sandals from Vincci

We did some shopping yesterday after the movie and out of the blue, I spotted one of these gorgeous wedge gladiator sandals on the shelf in Padini Store. It was in black, originally. So I picked that sandal and got my foot in to try it.

Hmm… Not that nice. I was not cool and punk enough to bring out that feel. Next, I put that back and was thinking - perhaps, it has other colour.

I continued to browse on the shelf and then found the beige one. Again, I took that down and tried it on my foot. Oops, it suited me well. I requested the salesgirl to get me two and I put them on together. I walked here and there and looked at my reflection in the mirror. They fitted me well on my foot and meantime stepped up my height as well. My legs looked so slim and long in the mirror. Goodness, I couldn’t help admiring my gorgeous image in there. Ha.

Without second thought, I decided to have it in my shoe cupboard!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Wooden Log Chain

I always tell people that my hubby is a really nice man and he has been sweet to me all the time.

Just like about two months ago when everyone was indulged in the World Cup fever, my hubby suddenly bought me a lovely scheduler with many amusing and charming little Pandas on each page. He told me that although he was busy catching up the once-of-four-years game but he would never forget me. He just wanted to show that his mind was still with me even though his eyes were attached to the TV. Ha. I love it!!
Guess what he bought for me again as a surprise this time. Look. It’s a lovely little wooden log chain from Hello Kitty series with a red apple and a cup of tea on each round side on the top. Geez, I’m a Hello Kitty girl at heart, that’s my favorite item!! Thanks, my dearest. I love it. I will hang it over in my baby car.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don’t Give Up… Endure

It’s raining outside while I’m leaning against the window, staring out of the window at the distant objects in the dark. Some of the houses are lit up. I can hear the chatter and laugh coming through the air from somewhere which warms the cold atmosphere tonight.

This is a hard time for me - I’m thinking, especially after I have got promoted last month. It just shows that my burden - the job responsibility and the work load are getting proportionally increased to my wages. Well, I had never bother much at the first place but start to get worried about that lately. I’m kind of afraid that I could be out of the expectation. Well, obviously I’m lack of confidence again. I confess I always be.

I don’t really know why I keep to think in that way. BK pointed out to me that I should not put on too much pressure on myself, just give the best and keep the thing going on smoothly. That’s it. Somehow, I like to set a higher goal for myself which sometimes I can hardly achieve. I hate this!

Ok. Perhaps, it’s just an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. At least for now. I have to get rid of it and stay calm.

I need to overcome this tough period. It’s an important stage to get myself stepping up to another higher level of mind and spiritual growth. They will become a useful lesson in my life later.

I have got to stick to it and make it possible. This is how I encourage myself and it has always been a cup of comfort to cheer me up. Patient endurance is what I need now…

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fried Durian

Have you ever tasted the fried durian? Or, do you ever see it before? Well, at least not for me in my past 28 years. (Oops, I’ve revealed something secret.)

Goodness. I love it so much!! Durian has been the favorite fruit in my list. But, I do not like any other of its products even though they taste similar! When I was first introduced to it, the first thought came to my mind was that – yuck, it surely tastes bad! But, after the first bite, my feeling was 180 degree changed! It tasted so good. I felt like eating real durian.

So, if you have never ever tried the fried durian, you sure should DO!! D197 tastes good, but the fried durian tastes even better. Ha~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dinner with Everyone

We managed a simple but heartwarming farewell dinner at a Malay restaurant for Loon tonight.

Besides that, it is our (BK, Azam & I) treat too as we have been promoted in the lastest appraisal of Year 2010. Look! Everyone was in FUN. Ha.

Loon, as usual, I'm wishing you good luck in your next career and also hope your dream of earning loads of $$ before 30-year-old would come true someday!!! *crossed-fingers*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crave For This Moment

Yippeeee!!!!! No work today, or tonight. It’s holiday. I have the whole day of freedom and am so excited to think of what to do for the rest of day which is completely belonged to mine.

I can be lazing around, blogging, FB-ing, chasing the Hong Kong drama at home. I love this sort of things. I mean, I always want to have a day of mine going on like this. These are the typical things that one could carry out at home. And, I hope I could stuff my day with just these. Yes! I'll make it. I’m sure my day will move on really nice and relaxing with this lovely plan today. Ha.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Karate Sis

There is Karate kid in an American movie while I have a Karate sis in our family. Ha-ha. Look! She has got her stripe and advanced to yellow belt starting over last week. She must have put on loads of effort. Well done!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cosmetic Makeover

This is just for the face, not the whole of me. I was attending a four-hour-make-up course this afternoon which including nude-type, normal-day-type and evening-glowing-type.

Practically, I had never done the full make-up myself except a few the easiest ones – applying lipstick, eyeliner and draw eyebrow. I used to let other people to do it for me as I was afraid that I might screw it up. I do not want myself to look like an ugly clown at the end. That would be really embarrassing.

Besides, as people grow older especially the women, the flaw is appeared to become obvious on our originally immaculate faces. So, this is the benefit of cosmetic. It helps to hide them silently behind, and meantime gives you an eye-catching look. And, we can’t always rely on others to do it for us, so am I taking the course. This makes sense.

Some more the event was organized by one of my best buddies. So, I have to be very supportive, at least for once, by participating in her event today. Ha~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Partnered With Alex Last Night

I was awakened by the storm rain this morning. My wrist and arm are slightly feeling pain since last night.

It was a fun for the whole play although we both kept engaging in a duel of words. I think, Alex must have got his blood pressure rose up and hit the optimum last night. Luckily, he hadn’t paralyzed by the end. Ha-ha.

This is my second play of badminton. I just realized that I had been making so many mistakes and poor gestures before I met Alex and Alicia’s friend. Well, I didn’t really get it during the first time of play which was happened just about two weeks ago as nobody corrected my mistake until last night when Alicia brought me to her other friends for the game.

Originally, may be he was still strange to me (this was our first time to meet each other), so in order to be courteous, he asked me politely to move forward or backward and correct my skill. After certain period of time, he started to turn into a naggy man.

I have summarized what he bugging me as following…
“Hey, are you dreaming?”
“Hey, stand in front!!”
“Hey, move your feet!”
“Hey, you better hold your racket firmly! Don’t twist it around your hand.”
“Hey, look at your target precisely before you start the ball!”
“Hey, raise your arm!”
“More power please!”
“Get your both hands work together!”
“Hey, look at the ball!”
“Be more concentrating, please!”
“Don’t play with your racket!!”
“Hey, don’t keep laughing!” (He was laughing too when he scolded me this.)
“Catch the ball!”
“Smash the ball higher!!”
“Hit the ball straight!”
“How many time I have told you…”
And, bla bla bla...

For a moment, I had thought of stuffing something into his mouth to keep him shut up. I needed some peace to sort my mind up and he couldn't stop talking for just a while.

On top of listening and picking up the skill, I felt my brain wanted to get exploded by all his non-stop-nagging. My brain was torturing by all this. He is young but he acted like an old bloody woman who keeps nagging endlessly at her children when they have done something wrong.

He waffled on for many times and finally, I broke my bottom line! I thought I would be a moron if I continued to keep quiet and be polite. So, I started to bicker back whenever the chance. I would not just be silent anymore. Rather I had to show my aggressive too.

Thing turned out even more amusing after that. Alicia kept laughing at the other side when we quarreled. She said we were like cat and dog which could never be stayed together else it looks like an Armageddon. Ha. Really? We still kept fighting on along the game until the last bit. We were partners but we didn’t look like what we should look. *giggle*

Anyhow, this bit is especially dedicated to my bloody partner - Thanks Lex Lee. I pick up loads from your lesson last night even though I had to sacrifice my ears and let my brain tortured by your ceaseless nagging and chatter. Haha! Hope we get together again someday.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Musketeers

Hey, here is another piece of new and latest drawing from my sis. Love the cartoon and they seem to be quite familiar. They look like me at left with my two brothers just next to me, don’t they?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flake Out

Tired! Tired! I’m extremely worn out!! I’m completely exhausted. There are too many works to bother with the whole day. I can barely find my time to do other thing, nor go on my tea breaks today. I have skipped them.

On top of that, I have been struggling hard in a few things lately too – complaint from the Production in term of the support (my subordinate absented from the work on last Sunday and another one arrived and left the factory at will), conflict in between our team members, preparation for the Test Plan and the latest one is the preparation for the audit by Hitachi tomorrow. Each of them comes in turn. I have loads enough to get rid of. Blimey!

I guess I would be exploded if I continue to think of them again. I’ve got to let my brain cool down a bit. I need a good rest. Yes. Yes. That's what I want. Go away! Fuck off! All the troubles!!

Right. I’m home. I better go to bed now. *yawning*

Bye. And, good night! Zzzz…

Sunday, August 1, 2010




当时我正忙着settled production line issue,又从来都没拟过类似的document。但她还是坚持要我做一份给她。请她给些意见,结果她天花乱坠,天马行空的乱说一通。我都不知道她在讲什么point。有问就好像没问似的。最后我就索性从网上下载一份,经过重新编辑后才交给她。那是一份已经可以直接用的评分表了。谁知道她又把话说在前头,如果有什么不满意的她会更新纠正。如果是内容的话我倒是无所谓,毕竟我已经尽力了。




那天我和笑咖约好要一起出席我们为一位即将离开公司的老前辈举行的欢送会(at Kulai)。原本笑咖是跟我一起同坐我部门同事的车,结果因为某些原因,她不得不自己驾车载人。我先前提议我驾车载她和其他人(除了笑咖的大姐大,其她都是死命挤进来的甲乙丙丁,包括那个不可一世的S女),毕竟我比较熟悉那里的路况。但因为人数太多,加上我车子小无法容得下太多人,所以改由笑咖驾她的青苹果。

当笑咖去取车之际,S女的慈嬉病又发作了,"Jenny啊。Helen那边还有空位,你可以去她那边坐。" 奇怪。那里有位你自己又不去?一副这是最好的提议。孰不知,她自己也是跟车的,却摆出一副女主人样。



餐饮委员小组,作到这个年尾就要say BYE BYE了。万岁!