“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What would be the next?

We caught up with my hubby after the Toys Museum. My hubby had to work half day in the morning today. So, he would be coming and meeting us at the hotel lobby after work.

After that, we all headed to the Suntec City. My hubby and sis were in fact wanted to join the Duck Tour, but too bad all of the seats had been sold out today. What a hot sale! Therefore, we could only book the ticket for tomorrow one. The sale lady at the ticketing counter introduced us a combination ticket whereby we could join both the Duck Tour & the Singapore Flyer at the slightly cheaper price, which is S$49. The usual price would be S$63, so we would save S$14 after all. Well, why not? Without second thought, we quickly bought the tickets.

Nice doodling piece on the glass. Do you know why the designer wants to have these all in the busy passageway? Does it imply something? Like ” hey man, have a cup of tea and a little rest before you proceed”. Well, I think most of the Singaporean are definitely need that. Bear in mind that a little rest could let you go further.

Another artistic carving piece in the passageway between the City Hall MRT Station and the Suntec City.

Oooh… Here comes the Esplanade, the theaters on the bay. And also. the Merlion in Merlion Park which is the well-known tourist icon of Singapore too.

There was a military rehearsal for later public performance on Singapore National Day over the Float at Mariana Bay. We saw it, out of blue. *luckie-lucky*

Outside the building was so incredibly hot and we needed something to cool us down…. Guess what’s that? Oh yeah, it’s ice-cream. yummy-chilly ice-cream!! Ho-ho-ho.
Look at that girl, she was stir-frying the ice-cream with the chosen ingredients on the chilly platform. We couldn’t help drooling and so want to taste it immediately.

Ta-da. Our Rough-Strawberry-Chocolate (this was mine), Rocky-Road-Classic-Belgium-Chocolate (my hubby’s) & the Belgium-Noisette-Brownie (my sis’s). All were choccy. Haha…

The Fountain of Wealth in Suntec. Hoping we all could get loads and loads of $$.

I was extremely tired... Zzzzz... in the end.


Can you still remember about your favorite cartoons or toys that you used to watch or play with in your childhood? Or maybe you had even requested your papa and mama to buy them for you when you saw them on the telly, hadn’t you?

So, do you still keep them with you? Or you have chucked them somewhere else, or kept them in your cabinet? No matter where they are, they had accompanied us throughout our sweet and lovely childhood. You know, they are really precious. They were our BEST FRIEND when we were kids. Or may be the hero or heroine to any of us too.

Well, come on. Let’s put the clock back and relive all those characters that we used to be with in our kids’ life…

欢迎光临!欢迎来到MINT, The Museum of Toys。这里可是收藏了来自世界各国的公仔、玩具,还有许许多多你我都熟悉不过的卡通人物英雄哦。来吧。跟我一起进来瞧一瞧吧。

Batman and Robin.

这可是KC(我的同事兼朋友)的超级偶像哦(I think)。

Betty Boop.

巨型Astro Boy热情地在门口欢迎你。在入口处也摆满了各式各样的玩具纪念品,如果喜欢的话还可以买回家作纪念。



Astro Boy, the Japanese hero.

地球英雄来了!有Ultraman, Superman, Spiderman, Baja Hitam(Black Rider), Green Hornet, James Bond 007,最后一个我就不认识了。看样子应该也是来自日本的英雄吧。


















In front of Ketapang Gallery...