“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.” ~by Og Mandino

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Eternal Knot

When I finished brushing my teeth and was stepping out from the bathroom, I spotted a few red things aligned on the bed just a few paces away. First, I thought why my hubby left the moon cake boxes and its carrying bag on our bed? (What a bloody sense! Who else on earth would think of moon cake in late night? Guess nobody except me. Ha.)

Wait! They did not seem like moon cake boxes. When I strode towards them, I suddenly realised. Hey, they were Cartier’s!!

OH-MY-GOD!!!!! OH-MY-GOD!!!!! OH---MY---GOD!!!!! I found my heart started thumping so quick. I couldn’t describe my feeling exactly. It was nervous but exhilarated in the same time.

My mind running wild and I couldn’t say anything but only gazing at my hubby with a complete shocking face. My darling grinned at me with a huge smile, holding my hand and bringing me to the bed. He let me sat down by the bedside and then he kneed down right in front of me.

Wow! This was an inevitable moment which I had been waiting for. Okay. Be SERIOUS. Shhhh…

Darling push-opened one of the Cartier’s cases, a shining exquisite bling was appeared to me. Along with that, I could see the glint in my darling’s eyes too. Next, he asked me with full sincerity “dear, will you marry me?”

Oh-oh-oh. That gonna be my unforgettable moment ever. You know how I reacted? I laughed and I said zillion times of YES, but only in my heart quietly. Haa-haa! Sorry. I couldn’t help giggling before him. I must be out of mind.

I can’t remember how many times he asked me just now until eventually my “YES-YES-YES! I’m willing to be your another half!” booming in the air accompanied by loads of cheers.

We both are so glad tonight and feel touched.

We put the rings on for each other. We held each other densely and gave each a big and deep kiss. I could feel the merry tears shone in my eyes silently.

Darling, thank you, I LOVE YOU… I’m willing to spend the rest of my life only with you and forever. This is my vow to you, to our eternal love. *muak*

Her Last Day At TLMS

Oh, sad. Another one is leaving us…

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Squirrels leaping on the divider by the roadside in the morning fog.

One is running up a pole and across the transmission line to another side. Looking for food before the world awakes.

Mynahs stop by my window, and fly away. Searching something amongst the weed.

Sunshine is slowly warming up the cold breeze.

My heart is again filled with touched and appreciation on another blessing day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Morning…

I wake up in the morning.

Hearing several vehicles whizzing by to begin their day.

Seating in front of mirror and giving a courageous grin to myself in the mirror.

But yet hard to conceal the butterflies in stomach.

Death or glory. It all relies upon one’s faith.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Without notice, I received a QUICK call from Niko last night. She said Dee Dee is coming back to JB today and she suggested having a QUICK gathering at my place together. James was invited as well. The time was set in the afternoon, about lunch hour.

Then, this gal who always has her numerous fabulous ideas proposed why not we both made some simple home dishes together to serve everyone. Hmm… It couldn’t be a QUICK anymore. But this was indeed a good idea which meantime arousing my nerve of cooking again. Ha. Definitely said YES!

We both gals went to the market, supermarket and an organic store this morning to browse for the ingredients like pork ribs, white and red carrots, tomatoes, broccolis, mushrooms, chestnuts, etc together. It took us an hour plus to complete the items.

Next, we rushed back and prepared all the dishes at full speed. I cooked three – pork ribs with carrots soup, chicken with chestnuts, and boiled Pak Choy served in garlic chilli soya source. And, she cooked two – mixed veggie and tomato omelette.

We both had much fun in the kitchen. Sometimes I ever wondered if her zany brain had ever taken a break or not. It seemed to be working at full length. Amazing! She had many piece of ideas on how to make her cooking. In fact, she seldom associated her life with cookery before.

She integrated some freaky methodology in to her cooking and it turned out to be unusually creative points at the end. Ha, you freak Niko. I confess sometimes I’m really defeated by your so called ‘urgent Plan B’ idea. That’s incredible but great!

James came when the last dish. He being the volunteer to help us washing all the bowls and plates and other cutleries we used for preparing the dishes. Again, the atmosphere was burst into exuberant, bubbly hubbub of everyone. We all were full of vim and vigour.

We started our lunch after Dee Dee and her family reached.

This gentleman was serving us the flower tea. Thanks James!

The dishes we cooked. Mmmm~

This little sweetheart was too busy wandering around. Sometimes she pulled the giant Winnie from here to there. Sometimes she hid the doll at somewhere else. Sometimes she put on my slippers which were much bigger than her size and it made her almost falling down in her every move. She just couldn’t be quiet but too vigorous to play around. She was adorable!

Next, she was rambling up and down on the staircase which indeed worried her parents.

Look! This is how the parents look after their young child when they are still tender, fragile and vulnerable, and so much little.
They held our hand when we first learning to walk. They grasped us when we nearly fall down. They were the ones who rose us when we fell. We knew nothing about this when that moment.
Our parents were the ones we leaned upon and kept us strong. Even though we grow up and become much stronger than them, they are always standing there right with us, reaching out to carry us again whenever we stumble through it all. We are all indeed heaven-blest. At least I know I AM.

En En was getting utterly excited when her parents playing her the Kamehameha(龟派气功). She seemed very enjoyed in those rough and boys’ games. Hee-hee!

I believe we all were really enjoying in each company today!

A toast to high spirit cheers~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Darling Falling Sick

I’m getting a little bit resolved this evening. My darling seems to be slowly recovered. He looks better, regains his energy bit by bit and able to smile and talk much tonight. He had been struck by fever since this morning and he fall wimpy for the whole day.

He was so namby-pamby after ill and lacking strength to talk or react as usual. He laid feebly on the long sofa with worn-out soul which indeed wrenching my heart. I felt guilty that I couldn’t help much to spare him from the pain but kept praying to the God to seek his almighty power to heal my dearest one from suffering.

Thanks God. He seems to listen to my praying.

These were very wholesome meals I cooked for my darling today, for each lunch and dinner.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yeah, I Do, I Do, I Do, Do, Do Do Do Do Do Do Doo

La-la-la-la~ Super thrilled tonight! It may be as great as winning a lottery. Ha ;P

Guess what. I finally got Colbie Caillat's latest 3rd new album – “All Of You”. I couldn’t found any in JB yet. I had been searching this album since a few months ago, after I first listened it from the radio. My hubby eventually found this from Singapore.

I’m really excited about this. Colbie’s last two albums were amazing, and this album is just as great!

But the copy that I got is kind of modified version which does not come with the lyrics. This version merely distributed in Singapore and Malaysia and it's also the only Colbie's album we can find in these two countries. Well, I think the only advantage of this is, it’s cheaper than the complete version. Ok, it makes the deal.

Friday, August 12, 2011










Thursday, August 11, 2011

Power Blackout

Oh SHIT!! All the lights are vanished in a sudden. Finding brightness nowhere. Nothing in sight. I'm in the totally dark now.

Not only me. I hear loads of hubbub coming over from our neighborhood – clamoring at the sudden failure of electricity in our area.

Whoa! It seems to be power blackout is happening now.

I see my neighbours even turn on their front beam at the car to project sufficient brightness into their house, but this could only illuminate their living hall. Well, that’s fair enough. At least not staying in the darkness at all.

I was doing my nails while watching a Taiwanese show on the telly before this misery is happened. Out of the blue, everything just whizzed off into darkness in a second. Thing happened so quick. For a moment, I was getting paralyzed. My mind was blanked out. Just a while later I regained my focus. It's electricity failure! This is the first time ever I undergoing this bloody trouble here.

What the hell is going on out there? Who cut off the power? Why not in the midnight when majority of people are in their bed? Shit. I'm going to miss the 9pm-episode tonight. For God's sake. Arghhh...

Not only our area but it seems those adjacent are affected too. We are all in dark. Together. Oh my!

Nothing I can do now. Not for someone alone in the darkness. Neither web surfing nor watching TV, nor reading, nor whatever. Eventually, I decide to go to bed now. This is pretty early, though.

Good night~ Zzzz…

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Dinner

Hey, my darling makes up the whole course tonight. He seldom did that honestly. It’s an honourable night!

I love you darling. You are such a great man tonight! Hee-hee~

With My Darling

Just the two of us in our small little home these two days.

We didn’t step out. Not until later that we need to have to go somewhere for topping up the groceries of the week. Yeah. We mostly stayed at home for this weekend. And, we almost “stick” together or stay closer all the time.

Yesterday, we had little fun in the kitchen where we made our lunch. The noodles which we bought a few weeks ago, we thought to finish it and free up some more space in our cramped fridge. However, it seemed to be a bit in “crumbly” condition. Well, it did not matter much. We got them stirred fry with some onions and scramble egg. And, we cooked some harsh brown, sprinkled the thyme on top to spice up the taste. Yeah. Ta-da, which was our lunch!

Next, we were cuddling each other in the cosy sofa, watching the home movie together. And… … We had private affectionate moment in some romance. Mmm, I’m not going to reveal any further at here. Leave the rest to your imagination. *giggle*

How about our evening? After dinner, again we sat together shoulder to shoulder on the floor, in front of the coffee table where the laptop was. We booked the flight ticket for our ROM vacation, browsed over the sites idly and chattered on the minor issues around us. Oh, thoroughly simple and relaxing moment! To both of us.

I read my novel for the rest and my darling watched the Taiwanese show on the telly. And later, I felt hungry again in late night. My darling cooked me supper while he had some crunchy potato snack with a glass of lemonade beer for his.

Lastly, we went to bed in the early morning. I guessed it was around one something.

Love to be with him. No matter what to do or where to go. Love you always, darling!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Cadbury Snack Bar

Cadbury has always been my favourite brain stimulant in the early morning. Usually, I will start my whole-day-brain-racking programming job with a small bite and nibble around slowly inside my mouth until it's completely melting away.

It's resembling popeye gulped down his energy-strengthen-spinach to get himself stronger.

Love every crunchy bite at each crumbling hazelnuts in between. Love the tender sweet choc flavour. Hmm… Just irresistible!!

Oh yah. Besides, I have another two extra rice cracker bars from my buddy too. They are from Japan. Still, not only just the delicious taste but the packaging is always so adorable!

Thursday, August 4, 2011








Wednesday, August 3, 2011






Monday, August 1, 2011

Just A Little Something Again

At first, I was merely accompanying my friends for buying the dinner suit and the bridesmaid dress plus some other accessories to match on. However, by passing thru all those bling-bling in the store, I felt my shopaholic nerve was slowly coming back again.

Oh NO. Once again I broke my bottom line. I couldn’t resist myself from all this temptation. I started to browse mine too. But, still I kept an eye for the dresses and shoes if they really suited my friends.

Three of us kept on trying in different dresses, fabulous shoes and things like bangles with colourful rhinestones, earrings, bracelets, etc from store to store. The most interesting part was putting on the corset. Tell you what, that was my first time ever to put that thing on. In fact, I always hoped I could try once in my life coz I knew I must be looking fab in there. I mean, I used to see some of the celebrities on TV dressed in corset and that lovely thing made their body a really charming and amazing shape. Since then I start fond of corset too, by honest.

However, the only concern was the price. It cost around RM200 per piece which was definitely over the odds. Errhhmmm… But I really like it! I really hope I could have one in my wardrobe! I really wish to experience the superb of my body line in there, like others!

Thinking of the price. Two hundred is certainly not an arbitrary number in frank. Okay. Let spare me some times again before making up my mind.

Well, at last, I bought a massive stunning headwear which completes my whole annual dinner ensemble, a mirror stand, a hair sponge, and a mascara guide. Oh yah. Something extra – I add a new Hello Kitty jitbit to my CROC shoes too.

Oh, what a wonderful good shopping day!